Who we are

With more than 1,500 successfully delivered projects for international Blue Chip clients, we are the market leader for consulting services around market-oriented business management. Founded in 2000 as BBDO Consulting, we are part of the global BBDO group, with full access to the resources and competencies of a global network of 290 offices in 77 countries. We combine the analytical and conceptual intelligence of a strategy consultancy with the intuitive intelligence of the proven most creative communication groups worldwide.

Effective strategies

We work with different approaches, ranging from strongly methodology-based analytics to workshop-based strategy development utilizing our Batten & Company tools such as  ConAct or the Urban Mobility Radar.

To help our clients shape their business in order to fully meet the requirements of their current and future customers, keeping them sustainably competitive.

If you have questions concerning our service spectrum, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. As the first address for strategic consulting in marketing and sales, Batten & Company stands for effective consulting. 

Marketing Consultant & Strategist

Our focus lies on brand and marketing management. We develop and implement market strategies and translate them into concrete recommendations and programs. By doing so we develop our solutions along the individual situation of our clients. 

Batten & Company combines the comprehensive know-how of employees with consulting and industry backgrounds. The combination of deep knowledge of local markets and a global perspective is essential to your success. 

Our consulting service has been analyzed by the Swiss rating company Cardea based on 30 different projects. Our 9,5 out of 10 possible points for excellent market orientation prove, what our customers already reflect: that our consulting service is a secure way to long-term and organic growth. 

Your Sales Consultant advise comprehensively

As a Sales Consultant with long-term practical experience, we know the tight connection between marketing and sales.  Respectively, we always include the sales perspective when developing our clients’ strategies. 

Our scope of services stretches from analysis and strategy development to implementation management. We understand the binding element between corporate strategy and conveying them into concrete marketing programs and measures. Our focus lies on branches with high dynamics of change in marketing and sales, such as: 

  • Automotive
  • Chemical industry
  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Retail and consumer goods
  • Industry and technology
  • Telecommunication and media
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare