In the survey conducted by business magazine "brand eins" and Statista, the world's largest online statistics portal, we were voted one of the best consulting firms in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 and received numerous top ratings from clients.

Batten & Company has repeatedly been voted "Best Consultants" in the areas of "Marketing, Brand & Pricing" and "Sales, After Sales & CRM" and is thus on a par with consulting firms such as Roland Berger and Horváth & Partners.

Background of the Ranking

Where do you receive the best advice for a particular industry? Which consulting firm is particularly knowledgeable about this special field? Which consulting firm can you recommend? These and other questions were addressed by the business magazine brand eins together with Statista. The survey was conducted with 3,000 consulting and industry experts.

The investigation is based on an expert and a client survey. For the study and on behalf of magazine brand eins, Statista's market researchers surveyed 1,350 executives that have awarded consulting mandates.


Batten & Company has been awarded leading German consulting firm in the field of "Marketing & Sales” by the “wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (WGMB)” and occupies second place in its main discipline - for the second time in a row and ahead of well-known consultancies such as BCG, McKinsey and Simon Kucher & Partners. Batten & Company is also among the Top 10 in the overall ranking of all 34 consulting companies considered.

Background of the Rating

The aim of the WGMB study is to determine which highly specialized consulting firms are rated higher in their fields of expertise by their clients than the three major consulting firms McKinsey, BCG and Roland Berger. This was done by means of a comprehensive survey among executives from large and medium-sized companies.
A consulting firm that wants to qualify as a "hidden champion" must show potential beforehand, which is assessed by an independent panel of experts and is confirmed in the context of a preliminary empirical study. The consulting firm must have an unprompted awareness at a maximum of 15 percent amongst executives of large German companies, which generate an annual turnover of over 1 billion euros. In addition, it must work for clients, of which at least one half have already worked with one of the consulting firms McKinsey, BCG and Roland Berger.

A consulting firm cannot apply for the “Hidden Champion“ award. The pre-selection is exclusively based on the proposal of an independent panel of experts from science and practice as well as on preliminary empirical studies by the WGMB. Thus, the study stems from an impartial and scientifically accurate foundation.