Agile Marketing Budget Planning

BudgetScale by Batten & Company delivers effective marketing planning with flexible marketing budgets.

A company's marketing budget should be used where it yields the best results. The key factor is to plan the marketing budget in such a way that the set goals are optimally achieved and no resources are wasted.

Today, marketing planning and budgeting faces the following challenges:

  • A fluctuating and rapidly changing economy
  • Tactical spending behavior of competitors
  • High internal complexity within the company
  • Falling marginal returns

Thus, an effective marketing budget planning approach, such as our BudgetScale methodology, must answer the following questions:

  • How can we plan safely and react flexibly to the markets at the same time?
  • How do we take the activities of the competition into account when planning?
  • How do we reconcile the multitude of specifications, channels and measures?
  • How can we increase the effectiveness of our "marketing euro"?

Benefit of our agile approach

Our approach is:

Effective –Because we start with the marketing needs and then work on the marketing budget - not the other way around.
Efficient – Because we exclude subcritical marketing investments and overspendings.
Flexible – Because with our approach, your marketing budget can "breathe".

Our BudgetScale-approach

Overview of BudgetScale: Five steps with clear results

  1. Narrow down the main fields of action: "Which marketing tasks have to be solved?"
    RESULT: Concrete goals for each target group
  2. Uncover relevant potentials: "Where can we develop strategically?"
    RESULT: Specific potentials for each channel
  3. Develop, evaluate and budget marketing measures: "What options do we have for achieving our goals?"
    RESULT: Concrete marketing measures with effect
  4. Determine overall planning and budget: "What do we prioritize? With which budget?"
    RESULT: Effective planning with an agile budget
  5. Control achievements: "What level of success does our budget achieve?"
    RESULT: Transparent measurement of success and levers l

BudgetScale delivers a concrete result in each step with real added value for marketing planning.

Agile Marketing-Budgetplanning with Batten & Company

Batten & Company uses a proven process to design effective and efficient marketing budgets. We would be happy to introduce you to our approach along with selected reference projects during a personal appointment. Please contact us for a presentation of our proven approach.