Brand Alliances & Collaborations

Brand alliances and collaborations are attractive means of creating new markets and target groups. By joining forces with different independent brands in a joint brand appearance, market synergies can be achieved based on complementary competences. This occurs in form of a new brand offering for mutual strengthening and extending the target group approach.

Besides joint products (co-branding), licensed business as well as joint advertising and sales promotions (co-advertising or co-promotions) are popular forms of brand alliances.


Brand alliances exhibit numerous advantages:

  • Tapping into new markets
  • Developing new target groups
  • Obtaining additional know-how through the partner
  • Joint development of products and services
  • Sharing investments
  • Profiting from the partner's brand strength
  • Participating in the partner's sales infrastructure


These various advantages are contrasted by certain risks that often cause the collaboration’s failure. Common reasons for failed brand alliances are misalignment of goals, insufficient complementary competences or incompatible company cultures. With this in mind, the selection of the right partner as well as a detailed arrangement and configuration are critical to success.

Brand alliances - our approach

Batten & Company is happy to consult you with your decision, to assess if a brand alliance makes sense for you as well as which form of collaboration and which potential partners are suitable. In the past years, we have gained important experience and developed a catalogue with success criteria in form of a “checklist”.

Contact us if you are interested so that we can develop promising brand alliances for you.