Brand Positioning and Value Proposition

Brand Positioning and Value Proposition

Brand Positioning with Batten & Company – benefit from our frequently tested and proven approach!

Starting point of all strategic activities of a corporation is the analysis of a brand’s competitive positioning: 

  • What do we stand for? 
  • What is our “reason for being”? 
  • Which core competences do we have? 
  • Where do we want to be? 
  • What benefits can we deliver to the customer?

Sustainably delivering equal or more benefits to the customer than the competition can only be ensured by regularly reflecting your own brand’s positioning.


Systematically seeking answers for these questions forms the foundation to…

  • Form Relevance and preferences for customers
  • Secure and expand the competitive advantage
  • Protect your brand against possible attackers and substitutes
  • Orchestrate processes
  • Offer guidance for all internal and external stakeholders


At Batten & Company, we use our frequently tested and proved approach to develop and strengthen the strategic positioning by connecting the inside out and the outside in perspective of a corporation. Together with our clients, we find “sweet spots” which define the foundation of future actions on the basis of market and competition data in combination with customer insights.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can introduce our approach to you.