Marketing Resource Management

Next Level Marketing with system-independent and customised Marketing Resource Management Technologies

A variety of online and offline touchpoints, carrying out a series of different campaigns and controlling an almost unmanageable number of specialized external service providers with a lower time budget, processing a unpredictable amount of files in mostly incompatible systems and the consideration of multiple brands in increasingly complex and international corporate structures – these are only a few of the challenges that the day-to-day work of marketing departments determine.

Companies therefore need support and a systematic approach to keeping schedules in future, keeping the overview, conserving resources and budgets and managing them efficiently.

Professional marketing resources planning is also needed for a targeted marketing budget allocation and success control, which is desired by around 46% of all CMOs surveyed in the Batten & Company brand study 2019.

The solution promises marketing resource management (MRM) technologies that help organizations manage and optimize internal and external marketing and communication resources.

What does Marketing Resource Management mean and what does it do for your business?

Marketing Resource Management is based on a software solution that allows marketing and communication departments to systematically combine current campaigns with strategic measures. MRM technologies help marketers manage their budgets and performance measurement, optimally manage campaigns and collaboration between internal and external stakeholders, centrally secure branding and corporate design compliance, and ensure the effectively realize and disseminate content and media belonging to campaigns. In personnel planning, the assignment of access rights to internal or external employees can streamline processes and avoid friction losses and errors. In this way, the most important marketing workflows money, people, content and brand can be managed holistically.
The benefits of an MRM solution are manifold, but at its core they pay into improving the efficiency and quality of brand management:

  • Stronger stringency in strategy implementation
  • Increase consistency in brand management by complying with trademark guidelines, especially in decentralized companies
  • Higher result quality by reducing friction losses and errors
  • Greater time savings in earnings control and management of different stakeholders
  • Motivate employees by providing simple and efficient support for workflows and approval processes
  • Greater budget transparency through increased budget commitment and ownership
  • Clear feedback on the success of measures through clearly defined marketing KPIs


We first develop an individual marketing resource management concept with you, which offers solutions for your specific marketing requirements and use cases. As a success key, Batten & Company combines the marketing and IT perspective and supports you throughout the process, from concept to provider selection and also as project manager during implementation, without loosing focus on customer and customer marketing perspective in technology.

Based on our longtime project experience, we manage the process efficiently and effectively. Our consulting portfolio as a software-independent strategy consultant includes:

  • Development of a customer-specific marketing resource management strategy
  • Use case-based definition of individual requirements for functionality, usability and technology
  • Identification of the associated change needs
  • Potential analysis of existing marketing systems and processes
  • Definition of possible technical solutions and inventory with internal IT
  • Definition of practice-oriented implementation concepts
  • Recommendation for software providers and technical implementation partners as well as support of the selection process
  • Accompanying the agile product implementation

We would be happy to introduce you to our approach at a personal appointment.
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