Brand Purpose Workshop

From "Why?" To "Wow!" - With our Brand Purpose Workshop, we distill the identity and attitude of your brand.

The term Brand Purpose is currently on everyone's lips. Dubbed a new buzzword by some, challenged and desired by others. We'll show you why it needs a Purpose and how it's created.

A good Brand Purpose describes the reason a brand exists. It defines the soul of the brand and is the leading compass for day-to-day work. A Brand Purpose provides an answer to the question of the overarching purpose of a brand. Compared to the vision and mission of a brand, the Purpose is more fundamental, more constant and with a stronger posture.

A Purpose is defined as an ambitious goal that is tracked by a company, but is not necessarily achieved. So it's about continuously moving a company, its culture and employees in a goal-oriented way. Thus, the Purpose is a guideline for all the activities of a Company in order to move one step closer to the Purpose.


The benefits of a Brand Purpose are manifold, but at its core it pays in on three relevant drivers in times of digital transformation:  

  • Orientation: More than ever, brands have to question their actions from an ethical point of view and are getting into criticism more and more quickly. Consumers want to purchase products that fit their identity. Employees want to identify with their company's actions and be proud of their employer. An attractive Brand Purpose provides orientation both internally and externally.

  • Differentiation: Especially in saturated markets, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves via the product. A credible Purpose is more than a selling point and provides a long-term competitive advantage.

  • Growth: A credible Brand Purpose succeeds in building an emotional relationship between brand and customer, employee and other stakeholders. The principle applies here: "Purpose-driven companies" show on average higher growth compared to conventional organizations.

In order that the Brand Purpose meets this benefit, our experiences show that the Brand Purpose should especially be credible, action-guiding and competitive.

We focus on a collaborative, interactive and agile workshop approach so that the Brand Purpose becomes a guiding principle to your day-to-day work and interaction with the customer. You could also say we're getting from "WHY?" to "WOW!" with maximum efficiency.


Together with you, your customers and selected opinion formers, such as industry experts and agency representatives, we will develop the Brand Purpose. During the workshop, we create substantial results within a very short period of time through an agile and energy-rich set-up, experienced moderation and goal-oriented questions.

The Brand Purpose concerns everyone and must be able to be lived by the whole company. We therefore recommend that all levels of the hierarchy in the workshop be taken into account and that the Brand Purpose is developed in a combination of individual and group tasks as well as moderated discussions in plenary. The big advantage – acceptance for the Brand Purpose among all involved.

Our workshop methodology is based on the principles of design thinking and is supplemented with scenario mapping and projective procedures. Through these interactive methods, we ensure the use of collective intelligence and take into account market proximity and customer orientation, in addition to the internal perspective.

We are happy to introduce you to our approach and selected workshop examples on a personal appointment. Contact us for a presentation of our Brand Purpose Workshop.