Brand Strategy 4.0

Design your Brand Strategy 4.0 with Batten & Company - digital, agile, customer-centric and experience-oriented

Driven by the ever-increasing pace of digitalization, customers' demands on companies and their brand image are changing. Today's customers expect a company to be digital, viral, mobile, global, connected and, hence, to be pursuing a 4.0 brand strategy. The customer touchpoints of companies should be designed accordingly. As part of the Brand Strategy 4.0, it is important to consistently develop and implement these different points of contact. Customer-centric brand insights serve as the foundation for a successful Brand Strategy 4.0. These insights can be translated into a digital brand strategy in real time through agile branding. In addition, this approach creates a multi-sensual brand experience for the customer.


A clearly defined Brand Strategy 4.0 makes essential contributions to an optimal brand perception. These include, among others,:

  • Building of trust through a consistent value proposition as a constant in times of continuous digital change
  • Meeting of the changing customer demands on companies with regards to individualized brand communication and connected digital brand presence
  • Optimization of end-customer contact through seamlessly aligned brand touchpoints – online as well as offline
  • Building of effective customer loyalty through the sustainable anchoring of the brand in the minds of customers by means of multisensory brand experiences


Batten & Company works with you to develop a Brand Strategy 4.0 that fully exploits the possibilities of a digital and experience-oriented brand presence. On the basis of your values and goals and our insights, we find solutions for the development of an optimal brand strategy. We would be happy to present our approach and selected reference projects to you during a personal appointment.

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