Communication strategy / campaign planning

Batten & Company is your strong partner on the way to a successful communication strategy and campaign planning in your organization.

Communication is a decisive instrument in order to communicate the brand’s value proposition. That is why a detailed communication strategy for all kinds of organizations is of central importance. The following questions are necessary to plan a successful brand communication:

  • What is our value proposition, our positioning?
  • What are our marketing goals?
  • What target groups and segments do we address?
  • Which offerings are communicated with which messages/benefits?
  • With what kind of instruments (tv, print, online, social media, newsletter etc.) do we reach the respective target groups?
  • How can the individual components be converted into integrated campaigns?
  • How can campaigns be orchestrated into a marketing plan?
  • How do we keep track of our communication’s success?

Our approach: campaign planning using well founded tools

Batten & Company has developed communication strategies for companies of different industries and sizes in the past 15 years. Besides the strategy approach, we have developed the brand management navigator, a tool for campaign planning and brand distribution. We look forward to introducing our approaches and tools in a meeting.

Your benefit: marketing progress on all levels

A carefully orchestrated communication strategy contributes to strengthen your marketing goals.

  • Popularity: Increasing the visibility of your organization and your offerings
  • Image: Anchoring a clear and attractive image in the consumer’s mind
  • Purchase consideration: Get into the “relevant” set of your desired consumers
  • Purchase: Win new customers and expand existing customer relations
  • Loyalty: Tie your customers to your brand.