The Batten & Company InnoGate Approach - From Idea to Innovation

From Idea to Innovation

Innovation is a term that is used almost daily in the business world and in the news. In recent decades and especially with the increasing digitalization, the speed of innovation has increased exponentially. All the higher is the pressure on companies to produce new products and services. What the majority of companies underestimate: Developing an innovation not only requires the creativity to develop something new, but also an appropriate strategic base for the subsequent successful implementation in the market, as well as discipline and process efficiency to reduce the likelihood and severity of failure.

With the InnoGate approach, Batten & Company, as a strategic management consultancy for marketing and sales, offers a holistic and coordinated approach to innovation development - from the client's questions to the implementation of the innovation. Creative and analytical components are embedded in a clear, logical structure and thus support a harmonious interplay of analytics and creativity.

Analytical & strategic approach vs. creative & emotional approach - two sides of a coin

Our experience has shown that many companies which have set themselves the goal of becoming innovative, face the challenge of mastering and benefiting from an analytic-strategic and creative-emotional approach. To do so, it requires more than just a stand-alone solution that is widely available on the market and only touches upon separate points of the innovation process.

The InnoGate approach combines the different and sometimes disciplinary opposing steps in a clearly structured process from the initial analysis to the final implementation of the innovation concept. In addition to the process of innovation development, the procedure also provides the appropriate infrastructure and project setup, which logically embeds and connects the various steps. Thereby, the innovation product can be introduced into the organization and into the market at the right place, at the right time and in the appropriate quality.

Introducing the Batten & Company approach

Since creative conception is essential for innovation, the InnoGate approach not only involves in-depth analysis, but also leaves enough room for creativity and agile work. The approach is divided into five consecutive steps, each of which has a different mix of creative and analytical parts. In the investigative evaluation, only the selection of analysis fields is characterized by creative freedom. The remaining tasks at this stage are very similar to the typical analysis phase of a consulting project. Throughout the process of innovation development, the degree of creativity increases. For the illustration of the client problem and the idea development of the final innovation concept, mainly typical Design Thinking tools are used within a structured process framework. So-called "gates" in the process regularly filter the identified solution range according to different criteria in order to increase the probability of the innovation to be developed successfully. Since not every challenge in a company can be mastered by an innovation and not every idea has the same potential for success, these filters help to keep only those topics in the process that are suitable for innovation-discovery with regards to the initial research question. Optimally, an InnoGate project serves as a pilot for the company: On a project basis, Batten & Company provides assistance with developing a needed, tailor-made innovation. In the medium term, the processes learned throughout the project are to be established within the company so as to allow the independent generation of successful innovations in the future. As a strategic marketing and sales consulting firm within a network of creative agencies, Batten & Company masters the combination of creativity and analytics. Like any strategy consultancy, Batten & Company offers many tools for each of the interdisciplinary steps of the process. These tools have already been successfully employed in various strategic projects. By using this Batten & Company Innovation Toolbox, the requirement of both analytics and creation is optimally met in a single project approach and merged into a consistent and coordinated process.

When could the InnoGate approach be interesting for your companies?

  • You want to strengthen your competitive position for the future
  • You can/want to position yourself better than the competition
  • You feel the market is undergoing or is about to undergo fundamental changes and you need/want to respond in time
  • You feel it is time for a revision of your product or service offering
  • You have often tried new things that you were not able to implement effectively enough

The Batten & Company InnoGate approach is suitable for any business. With the support of the process, various partners, as well as stakeholders on the client side, we can derive a suitable, tailor-made innovation, regardless of company size, market, business model and earnings situation.

We can help you realize your goal and become innovative. Please feel free to contact us.