ConAct - Rapid Business Transformation in Action

From the idea to implementation

From the increasing digitalization to sustainable cost savings – Organizations have to face a lot of challenges nowadays. Mostly companies are not lacking ideas. What is missing is a concrete solution about how these ideas can be implemented within the organization. 

To deal with these challenges ConAct can be an appropriate instrument. ConAct uses collective intelligence of an organization in the most efficient way and transforms it into superior, sustainable solutions and decisions for the most urgent business issues. All within a week.

Your benefits of ConAct:

  • Involvement of all areas and thus a break up of internal silos
  • Usage of knowledge and power of all hierarchy levels
  • A complete and detailed roadmap with concrete measures after only 3,5 days
  • Maximum commitment for implementation within the team

All of it with a ROI of more than 100%! 

Further we are going to explain these benefits more in detail. 

Sustainable implementation needs a holistic approach

All solutions have to be holistically embedded in the company to ensure the success. A detailed plan of measures, which ensures high commitment throughout all areas has to be created. 

This requires an approach that brings together relevant decision-makers and knowledge carriers in the shortest possible time and interactively. They should be given the opportunity to design a comprehensive target image for the solution of the respective challenge, incorporating new ideas, and to generate suitable implementation measures with a high level of commitment. Ideally, this procedure should be carried out within one week in order to keep the effort in your own organization manageable.

Find viable solutions to the most urgent business issues in one week

ConAct is an iterative accelerator for the implementation of your ideas and strategies. It is useful for a multitude of challenges such as:

  • increasing revenue and market share
  • sustainable cost reduction 
  • changing the existing business model radically 
  • sustainable and value-enhancing implementation of mergers

The challenges which appear through those questions are usually clearly identifiable. Which becomes more difficult for managers in such situations is

  • to find the right way towards a practical solution
  • to inspire the team 
  • not to lose too much time in eternal voting rounds that only dilute earnings

ConAct allows you to implement major cross-departmental changes in your company quickly, effectively and precisely. Because with ConAct problems are viewed holistically in order to then solve them across departments, by

  • involving all affected parties and transform them into participants
  • breaking down horizontal and vertical hierarchies

ConAct thus leads to a concrete, implementable action plan in the shortest possible time. The resulting consensus among the participants increases the implementation speed many times over. The commitment to the measures and the determination of each individual’s contribution ensure successful implementation.

The iterative development accelerates the decision making process considerably and ensures an immediate feasibility and thus also a significant conservation of resources in your company.

ConAct as power tool for a successful transformation

ConAct is widely applicable and works for all complex business challenges. It requires only a little preliminary work in order to jointly define an overarching objective. 

This is followed by a 3,5-day workshop with 30-42 members from all areas and hierarchies.

Iteratively and agilely we filter out the essential topics from hundreds of ideas and process them until a coordinated action plan is drawn up, which is tackled immediately.

And the most important thing: The solutions are affordable for the company and not a paper tiger that cannot be implemented anyway. 


We would be happy to show you references and project examples in a personal meeting. We will discuss with you the exact approach to solving the challenges and work with you to determine the benefits for your company.