Digital Business Model Innovation

From the idea to the implementation

Increasing digitalization is leaving a mark on every company today - ranging from small self-service adjustments to large spin-offs for implementing new mobility concepts. Often, companies do not struggle with the development of ideas for new digital offerings. Rather, they lack a consistent implementation approach so that these ideas have a lasting impact on the business model and become an integral part of the company's value drivers.

Sustainable digital business models need a holistic start

While new methods such as Design Thinking find rapid acceptance in companies, the integration of the related results in the organization is often not considered. Consequently, many ideas - even if they are actually implemented in the form of apps or other digital offers - fall short of expectations.

This is mainly because new ideas with the potential to change the existing business model are not anchored in the company as a whole or rather no coordinated action plan is created which would ensure such anchoring across all areas.

Two reasons for this are that companies often a.) are unsure whether the ideas – stored digitally or otherwise - really do what they promise and b.) shy away from the effort to holistically and firmly anchor such promising ideas into the business model. For a fundamental identification and potential-evaluation of (digital) ideas, we have developed our InnoGate approach (link). To ensure the company-wide and coordinated implementation of such ideas, we offer you our ConAct approach.

Holistically does not mean work-intensive

The main concern of companies with regards to the holistic and sustainable implementation of new (digital) ideas in the business model is the effort associated with such an undergoing. Many managers fear long implementation plans, divisional and cross-divisional conflicts and, to a certain extent, anxiety-related resistance in their companies.

This requires an approach that brings together relevant decision makers and knowledge carriers in an interactive environment and for the shortest amount of time possible. The aim is to design an overarching target image for their own business model by incorporating new ideas and by emulating appropriate implementation measures with a high degree of commitment. This procedure is ideally carried out within one week in order to keep the effort in the organization manageable.

Batten & Company provides the answer with the ConAct method. ConAct uses the company's collective intelligence in the most efficient way, transforming it into superior and sustainable solutions and decisions. The achieved consensus and the commitment to the jointly developed measures among all executives involved ensure an effective implementation and significantly reduce resource expenses. And all that within one week.

Develop a sutainable and promising business model in one week

ConAct offers you the opportunity to implement and anchor new (digital) and promising ideas in your company in a quick, resource-friendly and sustainable manner.

In the shortest amount of time possible, ConAct leads to a concrete, implementable action plan. The resulting consensus among the participants increases the speed of implementation many times over. The commitment to the measures and the contribution of each individual ensure the success of the implementation.

The acceleration of implementation as well as the elimination of lengthy, exhausting coordination rounds reduce the resource expenses to a minimum.

The involvement and networking of the participants leads to higher motivation and enthusiasm as well as a wider knowledge basis. Thereby, a critical mass for the change process is formed.

Optional: In this manner, you can give the starting signal and gradually transform your companies into an agile organization. With our InnoGate approach and ConAct Radical Business Transformation in Action, you can rely on a coordinated and resilient system that works from idea to implementation. Thereby, you are given not only the opportunity to rethink your business model, but also to build it - whether incrementally or radically.

The central task in the (re)-designing of business models in established companies lies in the correct use of existing knowledge in order to purposefully transform the diversity of opinions and perspectives into consensus and viable solutions.

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