Business Strategy

If everything remains as it is, nothing remains as it is

Serious changes in the factors influencing business models and business areas are continuously increasing the demands on companies. Digitalization, changing customer requirements and fragmented value creation models are just a few examples. Companies are therefore faced with the challenge of questioning and further developing their offerings and value-added models. Who does not speak about "ecosystems" or "platform business" nowadays?

Continuous change is the new "normal”

But further development does not necessarily mean "disruption" or "cannibalization". Further development means achieving and expanding sustainable, value-adding relevance among target groups. The core business must be aligned with the requirements of the target groups and the strengths and potential of the company in the long term.
The need for change is great, but in order to achieve sustainable growth, it is crucial to identify individually where the potential for the core business of a company really lies and what needs to be done to realize this potential.

Customer Centricity and the best of two worlds is our approach

For 20 years, we have been supporting companies in the development and implementation of strategic transformations in business models. Customer focus is the key to success. For us, however, it is not only the understanding of their customers that is crucial, but also the complete understanding of their individual business models.

We are also constantly developing our methodology and approaches and today combine strategic planning with agility and speed. We combine analytical concreteness with creative impulses and we combine our cross-industry competence with the profound expertise of our clients in a collaborative approach.       

As Batten & Company, we accompany and enable our clients and their employees to create goal-oriented changes in their business model and organization - from strategic preparation (UNDERSTAND) and the transformation phase (CREATE VALUE) to sustainable implementation and constant adaptation (GROW).

Comprehensive consideration as the basis of the strategy

In order to guarantee a holistic view of the individual needs, we will deal with your question comprehensively in the first step, "UNDERSTAND". The analysis is not only focused on the obvious area, but always looks at the overall picture of the company, market and customer needs. In addition to existing conditions, we also look at past developments and anticipate future trends at an early stage.
This strategic foundation goes far beyond the usual quantitative considerations and thus also covers areas that are otherwise poorly understood.
In this way, we ensure that we do not lose touch with the actual strengths of your company and always establish a clear relationship with the customer and his wishes.

Creating values with added value

The approach of a strategy, based on the results of previous analysis, can be very diverse. In this second phase, "CREATE VALUE", we focus on the creation of new values. The objectives can be very different: differentiation from the competition; creation of a new value proposition; development of products and services, up to the creation of a platform.
For this reason, we proceed in a structured, creative and methodical way in order to achieve the desired goals and achieve good results. Our agile approach not only allows us to work fast, but also to create new values together with you.

Orchestrate, implement and grow

After the scope analysis and the conception of the strategy are completed, the strategy must be implemented. We are convinced that consulting is more than just advice on paper. For this reason, the third phase, "GROW", revolves around operationalization and implementation.
The previously created values will now be implemented internally and externally. Starting from the value proposition, we jointly set the basis for strategic decisions, align existing competencies with it, or build new ones.
This is accompanied by a market-oriented transformation in order to increase market share through the new values.
In order to ensure sustainable success, it is provided with the right KPIs and is continuously measured and adjusted accordingly.

The right time is now

The market is changing rapidly, as are customer requirements. Companies usually do not react to these developments in time. The reasons for this can be many and varied, but at its core is that the pressure is not yet great enough. A good indicator of this situation is often the sentence "We've always done it this way.
A new strategy can be the saving anchor and significantly improve the situation. But it can also be operated from a position of strength to further increase the advantage.
No matter what position you are in right now or how your company is doing - we at Batten & Company support you efficiently and goal-oriented to ensure future success.

Would you like to learn more about business strategy or do you have any questions? Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific problem with you.