Design Thinking - Product and Service Innovation

Along the customer journey of your customers, but also the journey of your non-customers, there are more innovation potentials to discover for your business than you might be aware of. Do not let them pass unnoticed and take advantage of customer insights. The combination of a structured identification of ideas and a creative ideation will make the decisive difference for you and in your competitive environment.

Customer-specific needs must be at the core of any innvation

Today, companies constantly need to reinvent themselves to attract and retain customer attention. This also applies to their respective products and services. Customers are used to constantly being exposed to new impulses. It is therefore critical for a company to understand customer needs and to respond quickly. However, a structured approach must not be lost. Batten & Company focuses on developing innovative products and services that will benefit your business and your customers. It's not about innovations in general, but about the right innovations for your customers. Customer-centered state-of-the-art methods such as Design Thinking are further developed and tailored to optimally meet your needs.

Three factors characterize a successful innovation

The success of an innovation results from the intersection of technological feasibility, economic meaningfulness and, as a basis, concrete customer needs. This applies to both product and service innovations. Innovations cannot be left to chance in a company, therefore new methods for the development of innovations constantly appear on the market. For Batten & Company, Design Thinking in particular is a decisive methodical approach to ensure the success of an innovation along the mentioned characteristics.

Batten & Company leads you to successful innovations

In the context of innovation, it is not just about efficient and rapid development, with Design Thinking as an exemplary method, but also about quick decisions against innovation ideas. Batten & Company will support you from the identification of your innovation potentials, to the evaluation of your potentials and initial ideation phases, to the prototyping and testing of your products and services. At the core of the customer-centric process are customer insights, which must be incorporated systematically. Creative methods or structural analysis are employed at critical stages of the project. In addition, the BBDO network provides Batten & Company with an environment that further supports the successful implementation and introduction of your innovation. For instance, for digital solutions, we work closely with Interone. We attach great importance to the early involvement of such relevant partners in the development and prototyping.

The market has increasing demands on the speed and degree of the innovation of your new products or services. Let certified Design Thinking Coaches and experienced strategists from Batten & Company accompany you on the quest for innovation.

Feel free to contact us to discuss potentials for product and service innovation in your company together.