Digital Transformation – hype, tsunami oder reality


With respect to digitalisation only one thing is for certain: No industry will remain unaffected – the digital progress cannot be stopped. New waves of digitalisation meet existing market structures with increasing intensity and digital game changer challenge well-established industry leaders with new business models. Most corporations have difficulties to keep pace with changing times. Digital Transformation has become main stream but has not sufficiently reached all corporations yet. 

"Digital or out"

Half of german corporations purely regard digitalisation as a hygiene factor, according to a digitalisation study conducted by Batten & Company. 78 percent consider digital offers complementary to the traditional offline business and thus ignore sustainable changes to market conditions resulting from Digital Transformation. 

Winning the digital Endgame – Digital Transformation


The digital endgame between old and new players is not concerned with digital communication but with consequently and consistently digitalising your own corporate value chain – with setting up digital competences and increasing your own degree of digitalisation. The first step is the hardest. It is important to distinguish between hype and reality, to filter all those technologies, innovations and potentials for digitalisation that may threaten or fire your own business model: 

  • Which technology/innovation/digitalisation potential will prevail? 
  • In which field are we affected?
  • At which stage does it become relevant for our customers? 
  • Where do we come into play? 
  • What are our opponents? 
  • Which investments are reasonable for us? 

Batten & Company offers a broad range of services and consultation focusing on Digital Transformation: 

  • Digital Fitness Check
  • Determination of the degree of digitalisation of corporations 
  • Determination of the degree of digitalisation pressure of corporations 
  • Examination of potentials of digitalisation
  • Development of digitalisation strategies 
  • Digital Commerce strategies
  • Digital Implementation 
  • Digital Change
  • Digital Ideation workshops
  • Access to experts from eight Digital Labs worldwide


Batten & Company was certified for the quality of the consultation major Digital Transformation and Digital Commerce with 9.5 out of 10 possible points on the foundation of customer surveys conducted by the independent examination institute cardea AG in 2015.