Growth Strategies – success is predictable!

Expansion to new areas of growth is considered a substantial lever to optimise business success. In the context of Digital Transformation, systematic corporate development increasingly focuses on innovative business models and Growth Strategies.  

Securing sustainable value added

However, traditionally identifying areas of growth in the context of corporate and division strategies also secures long-term market success and ensures sustainable value added of a corporation.

Growth Strategies - five critical questions

A systematic approach to planning future market success is just as critical as a consistent, pragmatic implementation of strategic and operational measures in the market. The following five questions lead to appropriate Growth Strategies and consequently to market success:

  1. Which market based growth trends and growth drivers exist and in which field are they situated? (identification of areas of growth)
  2. Which potentials of growth and added value will be detected for the corporation? (qualification, quantification und prioritisation of potentials)
  3. Which business and operating model adjustments will be required? (potential-oriented strategy and organisation development)
  4. How can strategic initiatives be effectively transferred into the organisation? (preparation of implementation, stakeholder und buy-in-management)
  5. How do distribution and marketing organisations ensure the implementation of growth measures in the market? (securing success)

Our Tools

Based on a well-founded understanding of the challenges for growth driven organisations, Batten & Company provides assistance for corporations in order to answer these questions, drawing upon a frequently tested range of analysis and strategy tools:

Market analysis and determination of market potential 

Market and customer segmentation

Benchmarking, best practice and competitive analyses 

Product portfolio and business division analysis

Strategy development

Business modelling

Go-to-market concepts

KPI-based success monitoring 

Strategic measure and investment planning.

Please do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to exploiting your Growth Strategies and thereby planning your future success.