Market Entry Strategy – Conquering new horizons


The scalability of business models has become a critical success factor in today’s globalised economy. Leading corporations of the digital economy, especially those based in Silicon Valley, have shown how to achieve exponential growth rates and market leadership by massively expanding their global presence on the foundation of a first mover strategy.

Additionally, German corporations and medium-sized businesses have also succeeded internationally and serve as examples for the significance of a powerful Market Entry Strategy through either a first mover or smart follower strategy by exploiting special abilities in established markets. 

Market Entry Strategy - Defining The Suitable Size Of The Pitch


In any way, it is required that corporations define the appropriate size of the pitch and the suitable Market Entry Strategy under enormous time and competitive pressure: 

  • Which are the most attractive market potentials? (market screening)
  • Which new markets offer the greatest prospects of success for my corporation and how shall quantitative and qualitative market entry barriers be evaluated? (competition and risk analysis) 
  • In which areas and with which strategy is my use of resources most beneficial? (business case)
  • Is a make or buy strategy the best way to success? (feasibility study)
  • How shall our corporation be organised and the processes be designed? (organisation and process design).

Offering Supperrior Customer Benefit


According to Batten & Company’s experience, basic condition and starting point of each market entry success is offering measurable superior customer benefits. That is to be determined consistently from the customer’s point of view. In the follow-up, a clearly distinctive positioning is to be derived.

Competitive advantages of business models only last temporarily since each move towards new markets will soon transparently be detected. Any close competitor is usually solely set apart for a blink of an eye. Thus, speed and consistency are considered critical success factors. 

Powerfully Implementation Of Concepts

Batten & Company offers a one-stop-shop solution to evaluate and to efficiently tap into global markets: 

  • Market and competition audit
  • Analysis of target group potential and segmentation 
  • Offer value curve analysis
  • Market specific corporate and offer positioning 
  • Business plan & business case
  • Communication strategy
  • Distribution strategy
  • Partner- and collaboration strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Rapid roll out planning
  • Project- and task force management
  • Market entry monitoring and reporting

Notable corporations trust Batten & Company’s global presence and our long-time experience. We gladly provide assistance to support your expansion to new markets. Please do not hesitate to contact us for arranging a joint meeting.