Business Transformation

If everything remains as it is, nothing remains as it is

Serious changes in the factors influencing business models and business areas are continuously increasing the demands on companies. Digitalization, changing customer requirements and fragmented value creation models are just a few examples. Companies are therefore faced with the challenge of questioning and further developing their offerings and value-added models. Who does not speak about "ecosystems" or "platform business" nowadays?

Continuous change is the new "normal”

But further development does not necessarily mean "disruption" or "cannibalization". Further development means achieving and expanding sustainable, value-adding relevance among target groups. The core business must be aligned with the requirements of the target groups and the strengths and potential of the company in the long term.
The need for change is great, but in order to achieve sustainable growth, it is crucial to identify individually where the potential for the core business of a company really lies and what needs to be done to realize this potential.

Customer Centricity and the best of two worlds is our approach

For 20 years, we have been supporting companies in the development and implementation of strategic transformations in business models. Customer focus is the key to success. For us, however, it is not only the understanding of their customers that is crucial, but also the complete understanding of their individual business models.

We are also constantly developing our methodology and approaches and today combine strategic planning with agility and speed. We combine analytical concreteness with creative impulses and we combine our cross-industry competence with the profound expertise of our clients in a collaborative approach.       

As Batten & Company, we accompany and enable our clients and their employees to create goal-oriented changes in their business model and organization - from strategic preparation (UNDERSTAND) and the transformation phase (CREATE VALUE) to sustainable implementation and constant adaptation (GROW).

Analytics as guidelines for the creative process

Too many companies begin the transformation towards new business models and innovation with a creative process and develop new ideas with great passion and dedication. Only in the next step do they rise to the challenge of tailoring developed ideas to the needs of the organization and the customer and ensuring that they are practical, feasible, cost efficient and above all profitable. Ideas are therefore often not aimed at existing customer needs in their basic idea. In addition, the analytical basis to convince even strategically driven business units of the value of an idea is usually missing.

Therefore, Batten & Company ensures that analytical components are integrated into the process as early as possible, which address and eliminate the mentioned challenges and doubts right at the beginning. We support and steer transformation and innovation. Creative work is always based on a strategic-analytical foundation. We do not "poke" for potential in the dark, but only search for it where previous analyses have identified a promising market potential.

When do you need a business innovation?

Often the awareness of the necessity of innovations matures too late in the company and often only when a negative business development is announced or has already occurred. Customer expectations are constantly changing, new competitors threaten apparently consolidated market positions and new channels open up without regard to existing sales structures.

Innovations are particularly valuable when the current business model and the products and services still have value. The better the company's situation, the easier it is to implement the necessary investments and changes in the company. Especially in these times, companies are well advised to consistently tackle their own innovations and thus continuously build up their own innovation portfolio.

No matter whether you are currently in a stable phase of success or feel a strong pressure to develop further - we at Batten & Company offer you efficient and goal-oriented methods to develop approaches and solutions in a timely manner and to test and implement them successfully.

Would you like to learn more about Business Transformation or do you still have questions? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific problem.