Customer Decision Journey


Better fulfil the customer needs


Ever since, Marketing is judged by its degree of personal relevance of brands, products and services as well as by its degree of purchase stimulation and bonds with customers. Accordingly, it is necessary to better fulfil the customer needs during the Customer Decision Journey than the competition. 

Dramatic change of the Customer Decision Journey

Global developments, primarily digitalisation and Social Media, have led to better informed, more demanding and less loyal customers. Nowadays, customers search information and interact with corporations different from the past. The Customer Decision Journey changed dramatically, the increase in communication channels in recent years has led to greater efficiency losses for advertisers. 

Critical questions

A target-oriented analysis of the Customer Decision Journey – especially for relevant target groups – thus forms the foundation for the direction of marketing and communication and responds to critical questions: 

  • How do our target groups inform themselves before they get in contact with corporate touch points?
  • Which target groups use what type of media channels – from online test reports to traditional media? 
  • What significance is accorded to the single touch points within the Customer Decision Journey? 
  • How do paid, owned and earned media interact?

How does Batten & Company provide assistance?

Batten & Company holds a state-of-the-art set of methods which helps corporations to optimally direct their media and touch points towards their target groups along the Customer Decision Journey. This procedure enables a corporation to precisely reveal target group potentials, to determine optimal channels, to identify the most relevant content and to detect opportunities within the Customer Decision Journey.

As a result, communication efficiency can be increased: Marketing messages create a higher degree of relevance, increase conversion and lead to greater customer loyalty.   

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