Customer Retention


Encouraging customers to repurchase

The subject Customer Retention is not entirely new for many corporations. For many years, experienced marketers know that encouraging customers to repurchase is more economically reasonable than acquiring new customers. Having this in mind, customer loyalty programmes exceed classic means such as bonus or point systems.


Customer Retention with Batten & Company

By aligning Customer Retention with a goal-oriented and suitable Customer Segmentation as well as by integrating it with a focused (klingt noch sehr unspezifisch) and holistic Customer Experience Management, significant improvements can be achieved without implementing loyalty cards. At this point combining the right tools, which are always customized to the industry and the corporation’s business model, is crucial to increase Customer Retention.



Important Questions

At this stage various elements such as bonus or point systems shall be considered as well as a psychologically founded Customer Relations Management, a suitable pricing policy, omnichannel strategies and a holistic Customer Experience Management. 

The initial question each corporation must address is: How can our corporation satisfy our customers so that they will certainly repurchase? In order to answer this question it is essential to establish a suitable Customer Segmentation, to precisely collect the factors influencing the purchasing decision and to match them with the corporation’s Customer Experience Management. These factors form the foundation for the differentiation of each corporation from its competitors. 

Batten & Company has the necessary competences that your corporation needs to establish a suitable system in order to increase Customer Retention.

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