Customer Segmentation

Gaining deep Customer Insights and addressing customers according to their needs are crucial factors for differentiation on the market and characterise customer centric organisations. Instead of organising corporate communication and relationship management according to internal processes, customer centric organisations focus on the customer with his individual characteristics and needs. This mega trend develops towards a target group with size n = 1. However, covering all the customers’ needs is seldom economically worthwhile for most corporations. Thus, Customer Segmentation on the basis of characteristics and needs is more often observed in practice.

Customer Segmentation helps to answer critical questions

An effective Customer Segmentation allows to optimally address each customer by giving answers to the following critical questions: 

  • Who are my customers?
  • What different needs, habits and value expectations do they have? 
  • Which customer segments can be formed according to the segmentation criteria mentioned above? 
  • How can these customer segments be ranked based on their potential turnover? 

Develop a selective customer approach with us

This customer analysis and segmentation not only ensures a proceeding at optimal costs but also discloses new potential turnover. Corporations often rely on assumptions and subjective impressions. However, the necessary basis for an optimal segmentation can be found in a deep quantitative and qualitative customer understanding of the corporation’s customers. Only in this way can specific indications be identified in order to develop a selective customer approach.

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