Customer Insight

Customer-centric companies are characterized by precise knowledge of the interests and needs of their customers and a needs-based approach that is tailored to these needs, and this is a key differentiating factor in the market. By analyzing buying drivers, buying behavior and attitudes, we help you to better understand your customers and to align your brand and strategy with your customers in the long term. We do not just scratch the surface, but uncover the really relevant interests and motives of your customers and translate them into action-relevant insights.

For us, customer analytics means combining proven methods of market research with the analysis and processing of modern data worlds in order to improve your corporate decision-making

Customer Insights as decision support

The right questions about your customers lead to strategic benefits for your organization:

  • Need Analysis: What motivates my customers to use or not to use my products and services? What are their needs and requirements and what drives them? 
  • Customer Journey Analysis: Where and how are my customers looking for my products? When are decisions made? Who or what influences my customers during the decision-making process? Which roles do online and offline customer contact points play? 
  • Customer Segmentation: How can I better tailor my offer to the different needs of my customer groups? Can I satisfy all customers with my brand / product / service?
  • Data-Driven Marketing: How can we implement a sustainable, data-driven marketing strategy? Which technology and processes do we need to collect and use action-relevant customer data along the customer journey?

Batten & Company expands your customer understanding and supports you with individual Customer Analytics concepts to develop strategies for the future. We master a unique combination of quantitative and qualitative data and analysis models (Insight Camps, Trend Panels, KANO Radar, Conjoint Analysis), strategic frameworks (Demand Maps, Automated Market Research), methods of primary survey (Biotic Web Lab, Digital Garage) and digital customer data (Social Listening, Web Tracking). Thereby, we support you from the insight generation to the management implication. This in turn enables us to generate insights with a demonstrable effect on your organization and your customers.

Talk to us - Batten & Company is your partner in the development and realization of the appropriate Customer Insights concept.


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