Marketing ROI

Do you know which marketing measures give you the greatest benefit? The question of the economic success of your marketing activities, the so-called marketing effectiveness, is becoming more and more important for marketing in times of increasing performance orientation. It is crucial to identify which marketing investments are worthwhile and which concrete, economic value is created through marketing for your company.

With statistical analyses, behavioral and financial data, we calculate the most important KPIs to determine your Marketing Return on Investment (MROI). Thereby, we help you make the most of your marketing and advertising budget and visibly quantify your success.

Optimize your MROI

The analysis of your marketing ROI helps you efficiently control and evaluate your marketing activities. In addition, the Marketing ROI can provide you with answers to important questions:

  • What contribution is my marketing / my customer experience already making to my company revenue today? 
  • Which measures are driving my sales? How does my optimal marketing budget look like? 
  • Which contact points and campaigns are the core drivers of my brand and customer experience? 
  • What is the value of my customers (Customer Lifetime Value) and how can I increase it across all segments? 
  • What is the monetary value of my brand (brand valuation according to BEVA)?

Proper utilization of your data can answer these questions and provide unequivocal information on the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Together we identify the relevant components of your MROI and create a game plan to sustainably optimize it.


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Philip Mews

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