Strategic Marketing Planning: clear objectives + flexible budgets = greater impact!

Strategic Marketing Planning is a substantial and significant part of an individual go-to-market strategy and thus strongly exerts influence on corporate success. By selectively investing in image communication to sharpen the corporate profile, in segment specific target group campaigns or in sales promoting product marketing measures, Marketing Planning is considered a control lever to achieve the objectives along the marketing funnel.


However, Strategic Marketing Planning has been faced with increasing difficulties in the context of unstable economic conditions and general cost pressure. Since marketing budgets lack transparency, marketing measures cannot clearly account for their impact and marketing in general is required to prove its influence on the corporation’s overall objectives, a systematic management of marketing investments has become increasingly relevant. According to the motto “Marketing Spend Effectiveness”, Batten & Company is devoted to optimising marketing spend in the context of corporate objectives for many years and thus responds to the most relevant key questions of our clients:

  • Which marketing objectives do we want to attain? 
  • Which marketing tasks need to be solved for this purpose?
  • How can the marketing budget be selectively optimised and the flexibility increased?
  • How can the return on marketing investment be continuously optimised?
  • How can the influence of single marketing measures on sales be quantified? 
  • How does Marketing Planning influence strategic branding and corporate KPIs?


Representing a set of methods and tools in order to solve these concrete tasks, the Budget Scale Approach provides the ideal platform to ensure marketing effectiveness despite increasing pressure on budget. The marketing and investment planning optimisation process is organised along four phases:

  1. Definition of objectives and fields of action along the marketing funnel
  2. Analysis and evaluation of existing marketing activities and definition of future directions of impact 
  3. Development of potential planning options taking the marketing efficiency zone into account (marginal utility)
  4. Simulation of alternative budget situations and definition of flexible planning options without efficiency losses 



In order to selectively cultivate the market, the frequently tested and proven approach delivers all the relevant information and documents to our clients:


  • Specific marketing objectives for each target group
  • Valid spending analysis with concrete recommendations for action 
  • Effective set of measures with minimal and optimal budgets
  • Flexible marketing budget planning to achieve the marketing objectives even in times of cost pressure

Our interlinkage within the BBDO group helps us reflect single aspects (e.g. media and communication planning) with experts.

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