CRM in B2B - This is where Sales Excellence starts

We do not see Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as an IT tool, but as a customer-centric sales approach that includes (among others) processes, systems and data, and that helps to build the bridge between sales and service.

In that sense, CRM is a key requirement for Sales Excellence as only CRM can bring together the two perspectives of "customer centricity" and "systemization/scaling".

Properly used, CRM helps to increase sales effectiveness and efficiency.

Furthermore, professional CRM helps to integrate the functions of sales, marketing and services in the sense of an overall success, and thus to break up silos.

When implementing CRM in the company, it is important to take the organization into the process, so that the acceptance is increased and the potentials are used in the best possible way.

Potentials in B2B via CRM strategy, CRM implementation into the ongoing operation

As a strategic consulting firm for marketing and sales, enthusiastic about digital and IT-related topics, Batten & Company supports decisive phases in the value chain of CRM. Not only do we provide support in the early phase of the CRM strategy and requirements analysis, the selection of the right software provider, the CRM implementation or the project and change management during technical implementation. We also deal with the question of how CRM is integrated into the everyday life of employees after the completion of the project. Furthermore, we support companies, which have implemented CRM many years ago, in the embedding of the potentials of a technical CRM solution into a fully developed customer relationship management for sales and service. By doing so, we create an important prerequisite for B2B sales excellence.


Dr. Christian von Thaden
Dr. Christian von Thaden

Managing Partner & CEO

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