Marketing Automation

Marketing automation, real-time marketing, data-driven marketing, intelligent campaign management, data-driven sales control, sales automation, personalization, Omnichannel management - a multitude of terms and buzzwords, all of which essentially have the same goal: to support a future-oriented customer service.

In competitive times, the growth of companies is determined not only by cost structures and efficiency, but also by a unique customer experience and thus a certain degree of differentiation. However, achieving the best customer experience requires a rethinking of previous marketing practices and sales processes, a technical support for marketing, as well as a convergence of marketing, sales, and IT in the business development.

Relevance of marketing automation

Important German industries are leaving their potential for growth and efficient use of marketing budgets unused and are thus losing touch to the digitalized world. Customers are becoming more digital in their habits and have changed their consumer behaviors and expectations. In addition, the rapid increase of electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones or smartwatches in recent years has opened up completely new possibilities for communication. But at the same time, this has led to unprecedented complexity in the digital marketing communication. The variety of channels and touchpoints is no longer manageable without the suitable technical support, and the coordinated personalization of content across channels and touchpoints has become the supreme discipline. Many companies show a tremendous need to catch up in this area. Marketing automation aids in reducing this complexity and simultaneously uncovers unexpected potentials.

Concept of marketing automation

New digital technologies do not only provide the possibility to automate marketing processes. They also enable customers to be addressed in real time with the right messages and offers at the right time via the right communication channels - and that is what makes marketing communication more relevant and effective. The prerequisite thereof is customer data, which are not only systematically collected, processed and enriched, but also provide information on the appropriate communication measures and events for specific marketing and sales questions.

Marketing automation is much more than the acquisition of a new technology. The use of customer data as a basis for communication, service and support is gradually changing the entire marketing and sales process - from competences and organization, to planning, processes and execution. Therefore, marketing automation primarily entails the breaking-up of silos and practiced methods.

Resultats of marketing automation

In addition to soft factors such as customer experience and satisfaction, marketing automation increases the conversion rate and makes marketing budget usage more efficient. For companies, this means that marketing automation enables them to increase their transactions at a lower cost.

Our consulting portfolio as a software-independent strategy consultancy for marketing automation essentially comprises:

  • The development of a marketing automation strategy
  • The definition of practice-oriented use cases and implementation concepts
  • The definition of the required organization and competences as well as the need for change that comes with it
  • The definition of possible technical solutions and an evaluation with the internal IT
  • The recommendation for software providers and technical implementers as well as the support throughout the selection process
  • Performance audits for the creation of the "business fit" and increase of user acceptance
  • The support throughout an agile product implementation

Must products be highly individualized to increase growth and competitive potentials or can the same effect be achieved by presenting the identical product but in the right context?

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