Marketing & Sales Organization

Thinking and Acting in Digital Transformation

In the past, a classic thematic orientation of departments has led to strong silo mentalities. This stands in contrast to the increasing desire of customers for digitalization and the automation of internal processes, which, however, require more agile and cooperative organizational structures. At a time when agile delivery and service models decide over customer satisfaction and loyalty, hierarchical organizational models are no longer suitable. At any time and in all places, the customer experience is key and indifferent to sluggish decision-making.

Not only marketing and sales have to act as one unit, one team. Successful companies are organized along the entire customer journey, while marketing, production and logistics act hand in hand. We see the digital transformation of our clients as a dismantling of old behavioral patterns and structures. Batten & Company supports you in the analysis, conception and implementation of the sustainable integration of your marketing and sales organization along the complete value chain.

Network or ecosystem thinking replaces traditional, hierarchical corporate structures. During the realignment towards an agile organization, we jointly answer the question "With whom do you work together?" instead of maintaining the former pivotal mindset "For whom do you work?”.

Design and structure of the organization: more than lines, boxes, cost reduction

Systemic optimizations of manager-to-staff ratios, function levels and support processes are considered classic guardrails in strategic cost and reorganization programs (top-down). However, the integrative and long-term work with our clients has shown that operational and everyday decision-making barriers are solved by the essential success and efficiency levers. Therefore, sustainable initiatives drive the necessary adjustments of organizational structure and processes from the inside out: close to the day-to-day challenges of your employees and along the entire internal and external customer journey (bottom-up).

To meet these requirements, Batten & Company offers a holistic, integrative approach to review and adjust your marketing and sales structures. Our proven FLOW approach takes all the essential elements of a successful end-to-end transformation into account:

Frame: Integrative and cooperative elaboration of the core goals of marketing or sales internally and externally.
Layout: Design of the organizational structure so that the right tasks and goals are fulfilled together with the management team.
Optimize: Interactive realignment of processes along the entire value chain and with the involvement of all relevant employees.
Work: Transfer of concepts into daily business through the early and active integration of all relevant stakeholders and employees.

Possible adjustments range from the sharpening of internal service and performance mandates (including activity analysis) and the optimization of decision and responsibility areas (including structural analysis), to the adjustments of governance and budget structures.

Your benefit: increased agility, reduced complexity

From the beginning, flexibility and sustainability lie at the core of the joint transformation of your marketing and sales organization. Together, we work out the individual structures that suit you best and develop actionable recommendations for the digital challenges in your market.

Optimized vertical integration:
Each marketing and sales organization has its individual competences and strengths. Therefore, at the beginning of our solution concepts, we develop a strategically coordinated vertical integration ideal for your organization. Digitalization, the market environment and customer structures play a vital role, as do the requirements of your internal and external stakeholders.

Increased effectiveness and decision-making ability:
Through suitable cooperation concepts in the organizational model, an agile structure along the value chain is achieved. Unnecessary services and work steps are reduced due to the involvement of all stakeholders. If clear decision-making guidelines are lacking, we will help you sharpen centralized as well as decentralized governance and voting models.

Right-sizing the organization:
The customer-oriented streamlining and bundling of internal competences are the basis for a sustainably optimized knowledge transfer within your organization. Adjustments of the organizational structure and processes lead to an increased ability to react and control, as well as room for future investments.

Implement the right organizational model for the digital future together with Batten & Company. Our experienced consultants will accompany you from the design to the implementation and change stages. In addition, we assume the central project management and success monitoring.

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