Change Management

The Organizational Development of Companies!

Challenges in the change process

Today, companies are challenged by a variety of issues. Digitalization is changing the working world and, at the same time, the business models of many companies. New competitors force their way onto the markets and customer expectations are changing at an increasing rate. To successfully face all of these challenges, companies must not only externally present themselves as goal oriented, but also properly organize themselves internally. However, the internal restructuring or reorganization of a company is a complex undergoing. Maintaining a structured and goal-oriented approach and keeping an eye on all relevant stakeholders is the key to a successful change process.

Typical questions in the change process

Companies are confronted with numerous issues when it comes to successfully implementing a change process, including:

  • How do I manage change?
  • Which stakeholders do I need to consider in the change process?
  • When and how do I involve or inform stakeholders?
  • Which stakeholders can I use as positive multipliers of the change?
  • What does a reasonable change plan look like?
  • Which concrete implementation measures do I have to initiate?
  • How long will a reasonable implementation of the changes take?
  • What do I have to consider when implementing the planned change?

Our change management approach

It is our goal to individually accompany companies during reorganizations or restructurings within the scope of our change management approach and to support them in answering the questions. We pursue a holistic approach that takes into account all relevant aspects of a change project. The Batten & Company "Change Model" proceeds in four iterative steps Each of the steps uses proven tools and methods. For example, stakeholder mapping to assess the people involved, the change playbook to define relevant parameters and rules for the implementation of the change, and change agents or collaboration tools to ensure agile and optimal change support.

Batten & Company Change Model

With our approach we also provide for example...     

  • ...a timely integration of employees and all other relevant stakeholders
  •  ...a structured derivation and preparation of concrete measures for the planned changes
  • ...a systematic consolidation of all measures in a comprehensive change roadmap
  • ...a comprehensive preparation and monitoring of all communication measures to the relevant stakeholders (e.g. information events, kick-offs, introductions, training, etc.)
  • ...a consistent assurance of targeted and timely information regarding concrete changes for individual areas of responsibility
  • early identification of relevant "change agents" as multipliers in order to successfully push the change
  • ...a smooth transfer of the changes into the daily business

If your company is also facing a change, contact us! We look forward to working with you to further develop the organization of your company and to ensure a successful implementation.