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Challenges in the Jungle of Technological Systems

In the course of the digitalization and automation of marketing communication and its underlying processes, the use of marketing technologies and systems is increasingly becoming an important topic for CMOs and marketing managers. Systems already in use such as data warehouses (DWH), product information management systems (PIM), digital asset management systems (DAM), content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management systems (CRM) and marketing automation suites (MAS) are being re-evaluated and questioned. At the same time, new technological trends in marketing and enhancements of known systems are loudly advertised in the media.

What remains are uncertainties like:

  • Are our current sales & marketing tools still up to date and future-proof to meet our goals?
  • Do our systems need to be extended / renewed / replaced?
  • Where and how high is the optimization potential for the use of new, previously unused technologies?
  • Which new systems meet our specific requirements? Which suppliers can provide us with the most suitable systems?
  • How can a new tool be best integrated into our work processes?
  • How can current and future systems be aligned in the sense of a seamless customer experience?

Since the decision to use a new technology is often cost-intensive in terms of acquisition and complex in terms of implementation, these questions should be answered in a structured way, based on the company's individual marketing and sales strategy. As such, expensive and ineffective mispurchases can be avoided.

Benefits and Future Relevant Use Cases of Marketing Tools

By answering the questions above in a structured manner and selecting the appropriate technologies for your marketing organization, you can increase both, the internal efficiency and external effectiveness of marketing. Among the most common reasons for a technological change in marketing are:

External increase in effectiveness:

  • Development and implementation of seamless customer experiences across all customer relevant touch points and sales funnel phases
  • Possibility to implement personalized marketing communication for campaigns, service offers or for cross- and upselling
  • Enhancement of the brand experience through new customer benefits in the digital space

Internal efficiency increase:

  • Automation of marketing processes (e.g. in the campaign playout)
  • Implementation of automated pricing
  • Development of a comprehensive Customer Insights-database by linking customer knowledge from different touchpoints
  • Optimization of internal marketing and sales processes (e.g. in the data-based preparation of customer meetings)

Procedure for Determining the Appropriate Technologies and Systems

In order to decide on the best possible technological basis for the marketing organization, it is important to identify the specific technical requirements. This helps to select appropriate solutions from the wealth of technical possibilities which keep the customer in mind.

In terms of project procedure, we recommend the implementation of a detailed analysis of needs. In this analysis, the future marketing of a company is examined from four demand-relevant perspectives: the specific market and customer requirements, the company goals and respective technical requirements.

Our approach focuses on the development of application-oriented, realisable use cases. Based on the market analysis, technical trends (step 1), the developing needs of relevant customer groups (step 2) together with internal goals can be used to formulate specific use cases to the future marketing (step 3). Use cases summarize customer-centric actions through their goals, their customer context and their technical requirements. The consolidation of all defined use cases leads into an overall requirements folder, which is "translated" into technical requirements and used to select systems and system providers (step 4). Together with our customers, we provide neutral support for effective and efficient system integration.

Are you interested in talking to us about your marketing organization and goals, as well as their supporting technological systems? We are happy to assist you with our professional expertise and many years of practical experience. We look forward to your inquiry!