Agency Models and Integration of External Competences into the Own Ecosystem | PARTNER

Our approach - Managing Service Providers through an Individual Agency Model

Within the scope of our "Marketing Operating Model" (MOM) we deal, amongst others, with exactly these questions. In our PARTNER module we analyse which possibilities exist in the area of active management of external service providers and which is the right one for your individual situation.

The factor that is particularly important in this context is individuality. The question of which agency model is right cannot be answered in a generalised way. Every company is in a different starting position and as varied as the possibilities are in principle, the needs of every company are different. We have schematically summarised a superordinate selection of different options, whereby combinations of these are also possible. It becomes apparent that in the respective models, from the Customized Agency to the Specialist Roster, the coordination effort in the cooperation between the company and the service providers is constantly increasing.

Make-or-buy as the overarching decision of the redesign

A superordinate aspect we also deal with in our PARTNER module is the strategic decision regarding the make or buy of certain services. This is analysed in the context of a redesign of an agency model, as it has a direct influence on the number and type of agencies required in the agency pool. This nature of the agency pool in turn actively influences the company's need for external services and thus also which agency model is the most efficient for the respective situation. 

Specific reasons for a decision to internalize are of varying nature. For example, due to the frequency of a required service (and the regular costs it incurs), it could make sense to internalise certain previously externalised areas at least to a certain extent. Other reasons could be, for example, potential competitive, efficiency or administrative advantages resulting from the internal provision of a service.
Thus, our approach to rescoping an agency model consists of three central steps that successively build on each other. At the beginning, it must be clarified which marketing and sales tasks are to be handled internally and which externally in the future. On this basis, an individually suitable agency model can be developed and in the third step the desired cooperation within the model can be designed

If your company is currently in such a transformation process or has a need for it, contact us! We look forward to working with you to further develop your company organizationally and to ensure successful implementation.