Performance Management

Performance Management for efficient control and sustainable performance measurement of your marketing and sales activities

  • What measures are needed to ensure the effectiveness and profitability of marketing and sales?
  • How can marketing and sales be managed and controlled as investment areas?
  • What are the "right" marketing and sales key figures for this purpose?

These questions are currently being asked by many marketing and sales organizations in order to invest their budgets in a goal-oriented manner and to align their marketing efforts with their business goals. However, as multichannel strategies become more complex, data management requirements (data quality / quantity) are increasing and the challenges for continuous measurement and optimization of the value contribution of investments is intensifying.

Therefore, it's time to take performance management to a new level and introduce holistic key figure systems for marketing and sales.

Future-oriented performance management with tailor-made key figures

The introduction of efficient marketing and sales controlling through key figure systems has made the identification of relevant key figures one of the most common core challenges today. We can help you with that. Our experts in the Marketing & Sales Organization Practice support your company in defining, designing and implementing tailor-made key performance and efficiency indicators (KPIs). For the definition of the relevant KPIs, our Batten & Company performance management approach regards the fundamental marketing and sales goals (e.g.):

  • Customer growth (number of customers)
  • Development of customers and assurance of the customer value contribution (customer profitability, cross- / up-selling)
  • Brand and user experience
  • Effective product and offer management
  • Competitiveness / competitive knowledge

To jointly develop the key figure systems for marketing and sales, we work with you in agile collaboration models and with individual development and implementation teams.

Business intelligence (BI) and controlling as essential interfaces for performance management

An efficient and holistic marketing performance organization requires an intelligent and seamless data management with strong interfaces to business intelligence and controlling. In addition to automated data integration and data processing; reporting systems, dashboards, measurement and forecasting methods also play a major role.

Batten & Company understands business intelligence and controlling and incorporates your individual marketing & sales perspectives. As a result, we plan, support and optimize the development of your performance indicator system sustainably and throughout the entire process.

Batten & Company as a trusted partner for the optimization of performance indicator systems

The components for the development of the performance management are developed and controlled by our clients in collaboration with our experienced consultants. From conception to implementation, Batten & Company accompanies clients in (e.g.):

  • The development of a marketing and sales performance strategy
  • The derivation and development of marketing and sales goals
  • The definition, conception and introduction of marketing and sales figures (KPIs)
  • The design / reorientation of campaign measurement systems and incentive systems
  • The technical implementation of the performance management system (including roll-out)
  • The introduction and controlling of the new marketing key figures systems

"A marketing performance that is not measurable is a performance that is not controllable!" Do you want to learn more about performance management or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!