We stand for a holistic approach

Batten & Company provides assistance for your Pricing with a holistic approach – from working out a Pricing strategy to sales practice sessions and the preparation of customer talks. Relying on more than 20 years of experience, we draw back on well-tested and proven tools and on a realistic assessment of workable solutions in order to optimise your Pricing.

What makes Pricing so difficult?

Simultaneously, managing prices and terms has become much more challenging: 

  1. Prices are to be optimised nationally and internationally. Within an internationally harmonised pricing strategy, regional differences in willingness-to-pay and increasing cross-border businesses need to be considered.
  2. Product prices within broad product ranges must be managed efficiently. Dynamic pricing in online and offline distribution channels has become general practice. However, along with internal costs and the competition perspective, including the customer perspective through a Value Based Pricing approach is necessary. The results contribute to a holistic revenue management programme.
  3. Pricing strategy and product pricing must be operationalized in a suitable pricing and conditions system. Especially in competitive b2b markets a performance oriented pricing and conditions system according to the pay-for-performance principle has increasingly become a strategic success factor.

Pricing with Batten & Company – benefit from long-term experience!

Pricing is the most sensitive lever affecting profitability within a corporation. If prices can be increased by 1 percent without suffering from decreasing sales, profit increases by 11 percent on average. This “1:11 lever” normally cannot be achieved by any other single measure.