Process Optimization & Agile Collaboration Models

Coordinated processes and well-functioning collaboration models are essential pillars for the success of any company. An efficient work culture provides employees with guidance and engages them. The right leaders in the right positions are also central in driving a strategy forward. They serve as the interfaces that embody the agility needed in the organization today and also have the ability to exploit the improvement potentials of collaboration.

The first steps on the way to optimizing processes and collaboration models

Batten & Company has broad experience in the field of processes and collaboration models, especially in the company divisions of marketing and sales. Therefore, we are able to support our customers with regards to future interfaces, processes, agile collaborations and responsibilities within the marketing or sales organization. Specifically, this means that Batten & Company's holistic and dynamic FLOW approach considers all the essential components of a successful change process.
After a comprehensive review of the defined core processes and a determination of the relevant interfaces, we identify improvement potentials for processes and internal collaboration at an early stage. The process analysis also comprises workshops or personal conversations, so that your employees or colleagues are involved right from the start. Besides the adaptation of existing and the definition of new marketing and sales processes, roles and responsibilities are determined to create a foundation for changes in the overall organizational structure.

Selected tools and typical results of the optimization phase

On the common path to a modern and agile organizational structure, the following tools are often used in project phases:

  • Activity analysis 
  • Process modeling, e.g. via flowcharts 
  • Collaboration models, e.g. Scrum, Kanban 
  • Use case testing

Not only do we utilize these tools for internal usage during the joint project phase, we also provide you with the necessary tools for your daily business.

By using these tools, we succeed in identifying Pain Points and improvement potentials of the collaboration between organizational units. This enables us to define processes and responsibilities together with our customers and ensure efficient workflows.

We value this phase, because it provides a clear picture of interfaces and core workflows and ultimately enables people to perform their tasks in a goal-oriented manner and with a clear understanding of responsibilities and efficiencies. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can also convince you of this procedure!