Customer-centric Sales Organisation

Adjust your Sales Organisation with us!

Due to increased relevance of digitalisation in all aspects of life customer behaviour has changed massively in recent years: The end-customer is better informed and transparency of products, services and pricing has increased compared to the past. Consequently, altered customer behaviour requires adjustments in Sales Organisations. However, many Sales Organisations struggle with the enormous challenges they are faced with in the adjustment process.

Organisation for the customer’s purpose is required from state-of-the-art Sales Organisations. When redirecting the Sales Organisation, adjustments in sales processes are also necessary. For example, a higher level of digitalisation in sales processes can be achieved by optimising processes. 

At Batten & Company, we provide assistance for our clients on the way to a Customer-centric Sales Organisation by applying the following measures:


  • Target development for a customer-centric sales division
  • Analysing and optimising the Customer Journey at sales touch points
  • Benchmarking and optimising Sales Organisation
  • Reducing distribution costs by optimising processes and extending the degree of digitalisation 
  • Providing assistance for implementing the reorganisation of Sales and optimising processes through Change Management 

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