Sales Performance Management

Sustainably increase your sales success with Batten & Company!

Sustainably increasing sales success requires a combination of existing measures. Major components of Sales Performance Management are the standardisation and the digitalisation of sales and consultation approaches, target-oriented incentive based systems as well as innovative training and coaching tools in order to instruct, adopt and stabilise your sales employees’ desired behaviour.

The components to develop the Sales Performance Management are jointly worked out and steered in collaboration with our clients. From conception to implementation, Batten & Company provides assistance with: 

  • Developing a Sales Performance strategy
  • Developing sales and consultation approaches
  • Designing / Redirecting incentive systems
  • Providing assistance with the technical implementation of sales and consultation approaches and roll-out 
  • Working out training and coaching concepts 
  • Executing trainings and coachings by top management („Leader-led-Approach“)
  • Executing trainings for sales and consultation staff („Training-on-the-job-Approach“)
  • Providing assistance with launching and monitoring new incentive based systems 

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