Sales Strategy and Sales Management

The Sales Strategy forms the basis for the future Sales direction. At Batten & Company, we gladly provide support to achieve your sales objectives!

The Sales Strategy forms the basis for the future Sales direction in order to achieve pre-defined Sales objectives. The Sales Strategy shall be optimally aligned with essential requirements of relevant target customers, with products / product range and with the implementation of the corporate specific USP to differentiate from the competition. The strategy and the long-term Sales direction are defined by choice and prioritisation of relevant sales channels to choice of sales staff and consultants. 


Sales Management functions shall be aligned with the Sales Strategy in order to monitor Sales objectives in the long-term and to ensure implementation. Essential KPIs to achieve the Sales Strategy objectives will be developed in collaboration with the client and integrated into the technical systems in order to regularly enable assessment through a management cockpit.


Batten & Company provides assistance for clients with:


Defining essential distribution channels 

Developing a target customer structure

Determining and dealing with sales and collaboration partners

Developing USP and communicating a competitive edge

Designing compensation and incentive based models 

Determining the Pricing policy conditions

Selecting the Sales team

Establish Sales Management functions 

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