Brand Portfolio and Architecture

Successful Brand Portfolio with Batten & Company – benefit from our frequently tested and proved process


Corporations’ Brand Portfolios consist of corporate, division and product brands. An increasing number of brands is often accompanied by increasing complexity over time. As a result, the client lacks orientation and understanding of the relationship between brands. It is thus recommended to regularly raise the following questions concerning Brand Portfolio and Brand Architecture: 

  • Do we have a reasonable number of brands? 
  • Does each brand have its right to exist? 
  • Can we merge brands, if appropriate?
  • Do we have a sufficient budget to support each brand appropriately?
  • Can any overlap in Brand Positioning be observed? 
  • Do these brands address different target groups?
  • Are the relationships between these brands clearly defined? 
  • Do the product brands authenticate the umbrella brand’s positioning?
  • Do the product brands substantiate the umbrella brand? 



A Brand Portfolio with a clearly defined Brand Architecture is beneficial due to various internal and external reasons:

  • Higher transparency for the target group and thus better orientation
  • Higher awareness and preference in the target group and thereby improved business performance 
  • Easier allocation of scarce resources 
  • Greater clarity for all involved marketing divisions
  • Better and more efficient Brand Management through synergy creation
  • Easier integration of new brands and acquisitions into the existing Brand Architecture



At Batten & Company, we use our frequently tested and proved approach to effectively and efficiently align Brand Portfolios and to define single brand relationships. 

We gladly introduce our approach and selected reference projects in a joint meeting. Please do not hesitate to contact us.