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BBDO Worldwide has won The Big Won

The Directory Big Won Creative Rankings 2011

BBDO Worldwide beats their next close competitor by more than 700 points

BBDO Worldwide had the top two agencies of the world (1. BBDO New York + 2. AlmapBBDO) and three more in the top 10 (5. ColensoBBDO, 6. AMVBBDO, 10. ClemengerBBDO Melbourne)

BBDO Worldwide was the number one agency in Direct (ColensoBBDO)

BBDO Worldwide was the number one agency in Print (AlmapBBDO)

BBDO Worldwide was the number one agency in TV/Film/Video (BBDO NY)

BBDO Worldwide was the number one agency in eight countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, UK and US

BBDO Worldwide was the number one network across the Americas

BBDO Worldwide produced the number one TV campaign of the year: „Who Killed Deon?“ (from AMVBBDO)

BBDO Worldwide had two of the Top Five Creative Officers in the world: 1. David Lubars und 5. Marcello Serpa

BBDO Worldwide had the top four Executive Creative Directors in the World: 1. Nick Worthington (ColensoBBDO), 2. Paul Brazier (AMVBBDO), 3. Greg Hahn (BBDONY), 4. Ant Keogh (Clemenger BBDO Melbourne)

And James Hurman (ColensoBBDO) was the #2 planner in the world

The Directory Big Won tracks agency award performance across ALL media categories and disciplines, including both so-called „above“ and „below“ the line“. The rankings were compiled from some 6.000 awards won by 4.048 campaigns on behalf of nearly 2.500 clients by 1.300 agencies.

Patrick Collister, the author of the Directory Big Won, noted, „The value of creative award is in indicating which campaigns have, in all likelihood, given their clients real return on investment. And the value of the Directory Big Won rankings is in identifying which agencies are most likely to generate remarkable commercial results for their clients. To say that BBDO ´gets it´ would be an understatement. BBDO agencies are consistent, relying on work across a spread of clients and platforms, rather than on one or two runaways successes. The agency is clearly delivering the best work for its clients above the line, below the line, offline and online.“

Dr. Christian von Thaden
Dr. Christian von Thaden
Managing Partner & CEO
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