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Let’s create new values – for your customers, stakeholders and the company.

The demands placed on companies are becoming more stringent all the time. This is because there are serious changes in the factors influencing business models and business areas. Digitalization, new customer requirements and fragmented value creation models are just a few examples. Our Business Strategy topic therefore revolves precisely around these issues:
How can you create new value?

The “value” is always defined by your desired goal: Do you want growth, change or new ideas? We advise top decision-makers in these contexts; within our competencies and taking into account the dimensions “customer”, “competition” and “company”.

In doing so, we not only provide you with a comprehensive picture, we are also able to uncover new potentials to help your company grow. In doing so, we always stay in close contact with you in order to question assumptions and be able to adjust them at any time if necessary. This is how you achieve the best possible result for your project.

Dr. Christian von Thaden
Dr. Christian von Thaden
Managing Partner & CEO
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    Business & Marketing Strategy

    Growth Strategy

    We help you find new ways to sell your products and services and support you in discovering new needs to generate new growth.

    Growth strategy is considered a very complex challenge. But our experience shows that our disciplined approach creates the momentum needed to achieve it. We focus on well thought-out initiatives supported by the necessary competencies.
    Our firm conviction is that sustainable growth always arises from the needs of the customer and the market, which is why we use customer-centric approaches. In this way, we provide you with a comprehensive view of your growth opportunities and ensure above-average results.


    A new product, service or business model is always just the beginning. For a successful market entry, we help you to define the right direction in the development process at an early stage. We support you with the market entry strategy, or “go-to-market” strategy. Our approach enables us to find appropriate target customers and the optimal opportunities and channels to reach them. We clarify which value propositions are necessary at all. Along individual customer journeys or funnels, we help you answer all relevant questions. We even go one step further – and of course support you in the implementation of the planned projects.

    Marketing strategy

    What does modern marketing mean to you? We all know them, the trophies of modern marketing: the clever digital campaign, the innovative app or the inspiring creative work in different channels. We firmly believe that modern marketing is much more. It is the competence to exploit all the capabilities of a company. And it’s the unique ability to provide the customer with the optimal result, generating more growth.
    We help you align your marketing in a fast, collaborative and customer-centric way. We not only look at WHAT needs to be done, but also consider HOW – to generate significant growth increases in the process.

    Business Model Transformation

    New technologies, digitization and other forms of disruption are changing industry after industry. This is even putting established companies under pressure. The task now is not only to continuously deliver better results, but also to constantly renew oneself as an organization.

    The last point is where the real challenge lies. The structural attractiveness of markets is constantly changing. The position of a company can and will also change over time.
    We help you to understand the changing values of your – and other – industries. So that you can identify relevant opportunities and take the necessary measures to exploit them.

    Product & Service Innovation

    Established companies are often outstanding in execution. They need less support in optimizing existing business areas than in creative innovation. So, it’s obvious: Innovation is often a problem.
    That’s why we accompany you in your complex, sometimes company-wide innovation projects with agile, interdisciplinary approaches and proven methodology. Together with you, we build a structure, enable the organization and create the necessary trust. Our approaches include a broad set of best practices: Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping or Business Ecosystem Design, to outstandingly fulfill your wishes and also those of your customers.

    Company Building

    Company Building offers a unique opportunity: It combines the agility and exponential growth of start-ups with the knowledge and resources of an established company. Therefore, it has very quickly made its way onto the agenda of many companies. Company Building shows ways forward:

    • when revenue streams are to be streamlined
    • when organic growth is the goal
    • to counteract the possible disruption
    • to quickly adapt to the needs of old and new customers


    We also advise your company on launching and scaling new initiatives. We demonstrate necessary capabilities, structure, leadership, and resources. We provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of new opportunities.

    Digital Transformation

    Digital trends and technologies are changing rapidly. They result in continuous changes in the market environment. These changes not only affect companies internally, but are also increasingly taking place externally, at the interface to the end customer.
    Together with you, we implement digital transformation and help build new business models. Our approach is collaborative, structured and scalable. We advise around the possibilities of artificial intelligence, data, digital channels and apps. Together, we find potential for optimizing or automating processes. Together, we promote the development of digital competencies and talents to secure your digital business growth in the long term….

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    Dr. Christian von Thaden
    Dr. Christian von Thaden
    Managing Partner & CEO
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