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Unlike classic management consultancies, we focus on marketing & sales with a focus on digital transformation and sustainable growth. We see our problem-solving skills as a strength, and our ability to “bridge” between strategy and implementation as a unique selling point. We are particularly characterized by the work in interdisciplinary teams. That’s why we specifically recruit talented people from consulting and industry. As part of the BBDO network, we also benefit from the marketing expertise of one of the world’s largest agency groups.

How we work

Collaborative Approach – We work collaboratively and involve our customers whenever possible.

Customer focus – Our customer-centric approach guarantees results that work in the market and deliver added value to our customers.

Agility – Our agile concept guarantees success in every project phase, delivers clear results and offers the possibility of constantly adapting the project procedure to new facts.

Knowledge-driven – We test and validate our hypotheses and results on an ongoing basis and always draw on our BBDO network of renowned experts to generate well-founded insights.

Resource Efficiency – We don’t track unnecessary milestones or examine tons of data without a goal.

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    The sequence

    Application process

    After receiving your application, we begin by checking whether the documents have been received in full. Your expertise, experience and wishes are then compared to our requirements. If there is a match, you will be invited to the case interviews.

    Usually, you will have to pass two (internship) or three (permanent position) rounds of talks before you receive an offer from us. The focus of the talks is to get to know one another. The first two interviews are case interviews that focus on solving case studies. These are often real project examples. The challenge is to process questions in a structured manner in the given time.

    If the two interviews as an applicant for an internship go well, you will usually receive an offer from us promptly. If you have applied for a permanent position, you will receive a recommendation for a partner interview if the first interviews go well. In the partner interview you will get to know one of our partners and, if necessary, work on other cases. We will then inform you promptly whether we will make you an offer.


    Further information

    How many internships does Batten & Company offer each year?

    We offer 15 to 20 internships, preferably to very good Master’s students. As an intern, you are usually firmly integrated into a project team for three months and assume initial responsibility for a project module. You will have an experienced mentor at your side right from the start, who acts as a contact person and sponsor.

    What does the mentoring program look like?

    From the beginning you will have a mentor at your side who can be contacted for all questions, ideas, opinions and problems within the scope of the project work and outside of the project. The mentor is an experienced consultant who is usually not part of your work team in order to maintain a neutral perspective and expand your network.

    What opportunities for further education are there?

    We regularly organize New Hires Days, where you complete training and get to know your colleagues and project examples. There are also internal training courses and level-specific training courses with external trainers and our Digital Day and the Batten University once a year. You have the opportunity to train as a Scrum Master and Product Owner.

    What does the career path at Batten & Company look like?

    After starting as a consultant, you can be promoted to senior consultant after about 2 years if you perform very well. Promotion to manager usually occurs after you have gained 2 to 3 years of experience as a senior consultant. You can then choose between the specialist and partner careers.

    Which sectors does Batten & Company focus on?

    Our focus is on sectors with high dynamics of change in marketing & sales, including financial service providers, retail and consumer goods, automotive, industry and technology.

    Do I have an industry and content focus right from the start?

    As a rule, you work for customers from different industries and get to know the wide range of marketing & sales topics in your project work. Right from the start you are assigned to one of our practice teams, with which you can further develop topics and create studies and publications.

    What career levels are there?

    Our career ladder includes six steps from intern to managing partner:

    • Intern
    • Consultant
    • Senior consultant
    • Manager
    • Senior Manager or Associate Partner
    • Managing partner
    Which application documents should I submit?

    Please submit the following application documents:

    • Cover letter (incl. motivation for your application)
    • Tabular curriculum vitae (possibly incl. project list)
    • Copies of certificates (incl. training certificates, job references, internship certificates)