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“Your brand is the most important investment you make in your business.” – Steve Forbes

A brand is one thing above all: an image in the minds of its customers, employees, and other stakeholders. This image should not be random, but the result of structured and sustainable brand management. With an authentic brand strategy that creates measurable value.

We help you to sharpen this image.

Holistic and value-oriented brand management is the foundation. We work with you on all strategic and conceptual issues. Along your entire brand value chain: from purpose and brand positioning to brand architecture structuring and brand activation, and finally brand controlling. With proven, strategic frameworks, we help position your brand for the future.

A well-positioned brand increases demand for your products and the following performance experiences, in turn, establish the brand image – a fruitful interaction which impacts your organization’s profitability. This is exactly what we promote with targeted communication strategies and integrated campaign planning. In doing so, we seamlessly draw on our broad global agency network within Omnicom as needed. Even if you require an extra portion of creativity or experience in (digital) implementation: the right experts are quickly at your side. This versatility makes us unique. It gives you the confident feeling of being up to any brand challenge. Across countries and industries, we thus advise B2C and B2B brands in the following main areas:

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    Our strengths in the areas of

    Brand Management & Communication

    Brand Purpose & Mission statement development

    Brands provide orientation and create trust. An attractive range of services alone is no longer enough these days. We are convinced of this. Your customers expect companies to make sense and take an authentic stand. This attitude is always expressed and lived through the brand. That is the principle.

    This is also how we develop the brand essence: together with you, we first develop a clear and differentiated mission statement – the meaningful “why”. The answer to this, in turn, is a concise purpose, which is concretized by authentic brand values. The vision of a company is also derived here. It describes which overarching goal is to be achieved by the purpose.

    Purpose, brand values and vision not only strengthen the sense of belonging of your employees, but also the external appeal of your company. Especially in a saturated market with a strong competition, successful brand management helps to stand out, differentiate and clearly position the company.

    Brand strategy & brand positioning

    Brand positioning is at the heart of this. It defines what a brand wants to be – and what it doesn’t want to be. A brand must find its own place in the market environment and be differentiable: it needs a clear and preference-forming identity in the minds of the customers.

    This positioning must be credible and consistently experienced. Therefore, it should not take place in isolation in marketing, but must be embedded in an overarching brand strategy, because brand strategy decisions influence product/service development, pricing, sales, etc. – all areas that are essential to the brand experience of your customers.

    You can read more information here.

    Brand architecture

    Brand portfolios and brand architectures have often grown historically. Unfortunately, as the number of brands increases, so does the complexity of the brand architecture. Brand management and customer orientation thus become increasingly difficult. By optimizing the brand architecture, we strengthen your overarching umbrella brand and simplify the brand portfolio and its structure. This improves the use of synergies between individual brands and increases efficiency. We also advise you on how to integrate newly created or acquired brands and brand cooperations coherently into an existing brand portfolio. We then orchestrate your optimal brand architecture with the help of strategic, communicative and visual connecting elements: for a consistent and comprehensible brand presence.

    Information on the topic of brand alliances & cooperations can be found here.

    Brand activation

    Strategy must not remain on paper alone. A brand must be experienced, every day: through sustainable brand activation. This requires repeated positive anchoring in the experience of your employees and customers. To this end, we work with you to optimize the brand experience. The brand impact staircase provides orientation for developing coordinated measures that generate not only output, but also impact: With concrete solutions for the design of all relevant touchpoints. Directly applicable guidelines are an important building block here, so that your employees and service providers can implement the measures easily and directly. This is how you ensure that your brand is experienced everywhere exactly as you want it to be.

    Communication strategy & campaign planning

    Only holistic and long-term communication leads to the desired perception of your positioning by the customer. That’s why, beyond the strategy approach, we have developed sound tools for brand diffusion.
    In the first joint step, we define communication goals: from awareness to purchase to loyalty, as well as communication target groups. Then we determine topics and messages, formats and channels, and scheduling. At the end, the operationalization follows: We check which workflows and which system landscape are necessary for the implementation.

    With the BBDO network, we have creative experts at our disposal who can carry out the planned campaigns seamlessly and holistically. Because we want to be at your side in the best possible way, from planning to implementation.

    Demand Generation

    We find that in the purchase decision-making process, customers are looking for contact with suppliers later and later. You are self-determined and well informed. It is therefore important to reach them as early as possible and to accompany them with the right content via the right touchpoint. To do this, we develop integrated demand generation campaigns and help you set up a demand center. The success is based on an interaction of brand to demand. That’s why we combine three customer-centric campaign programs:

    • Image communication to generate attention and interest
    • Lead generation & lead nurturing to qualify unknown contacts
    • Sales empowerment to seamlessly extend campaigns.

    You can read more information here.



    Brand and communication controlling

    Marketing needs to speak the language of the C-level – and it’s often based on numbers. Why certain measures make sense and what budgets are needed must therefore be justified by facts and data. After all, a company can only improve its marketing activities if it also precisely analyzes their impact.

    We help you with brand controlling, as well as the measurement and control of decisive success factors for your entire communication. Together we ensure that you have all the necessary tools at hand to use your marketing budget efficiently and to address your customers in the best possible way.

    Brand Valuation

    A strong brand is crisis-proof capital of high value. Knowing this brand value is the basis of value-oriented brand management. It enables financially justifiable decisions to be made about brand changes and budget allocations. It is also an irreplaceable negotiating argument for brand sales or brand cooperations.

    Our BEVA procedure for monetary brand valuation is certified according to DIN ISO 10668. It considers behavioral, financial and legal aspects of brand equity. As distinguished experts for brand valuations, we create brand value reports that can be certified and would be happy to advise you on how to increase your brand value in a targeted manner.

    You can find more information on the topic of brand valuation here.

    Dr. Christian von Thaden
    Dr. Christian von Thaden
    Managing Partner & CEO
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