Culture & Change Management

Typical challenges go beyond change management – They touch everyday behavior. – That’s where strategy and purpose come to life.

When speaking with our clients, the first impulse is often: We need change management. The second: We need to change.
That is exactly where the magic happens. It is not about being passively managed. It is about actively changing. It is about bringing change to life.

Different business transformations lead to these conversations:
Often the trigger is the new strategy or vision, that is understood and packed into little working packages, but it doesn’t really fly because the organization is not yet as digital, innovative, customer-oriented, entrepreneurial as it needs to be.

More and more, it is about purpose. It is not only Google, Patagonia and Tesla, who are using a strong purpose as their guiding backbone. Most companies have realized how crucial it is for employee engagement and belonging (and thus for the overall company performance) to have an authentic purpose that people feel connected to.

Of course, with Batten, we sit at the source for professional branding. So, often we also speak about the brand, that sounds great to the outside, but will only be authentic if the organization feels it. You talk about passion in your slogan, you claim to always find a solution, you say you care? Well, those statements need to be delivered, and not only at the customer front. An organizations pulse runs through all departments.

For all those matters, it is important to be clear in where you want to go, but it is equally important to start walking. It is not enough to write it on a piece of paper and stick it to each office wall. It is not enough to write a memo. It is about actively shaping your company culture and addressing mindset and behavior.

Actively working on mindset and behavior is not a “nice to have” anymore – It can define the competitive advantage. According to a Forsa study in Germany, 68% of companies with highly engaged employees actively work on mindset and behavior.1

Working on your company mindset, and therefore culture, is a special task. It concerns the entire organization and thus each individual. It is personal. For such a transformation to succeed, people need to be involved. In the entire process, from the beginning and over and over again. It needs a clear mindset, simple scalable formats and a good structure. But above all it must inspire.

Working on mindset and behavior is about working WITH people, not on them. It is about touching Minds and Hearts.

Our proven approach uses visible behavior and engaging communication to bring change to life. Different modules help to co-create your individual roadmap, engaging the organization from day one.

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1 Source: published in Manager Magazin (2018), Forsa study in 90 German companies



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