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Digital change is setting new standards in marketing and sales. The smooth transformation for the digital future can only succeed with the right organization.

The classic thematic orientation of departments has led to strongly pronounced silo mentalities in the past. This contrasts with the increasing desire of our customers for digitization and automation of internal processes.
However, this requires much more agile and cooperative structures. After all, hierarchical organizational models do not fit into an era in which agile delivery and service models determine customer satisfaction and loyalty. It focuses on the customer experience, anytime, anywhere. It cares little for crippling decision-making processes. This is a clear call for a customer-centric restructuring of the entire organization. It’s not just marketing and sales that need to act as a unit, as a team. Successful companies organize themselves strictly along the entire customer journey. Marketing, production, and logistics play hand in hand.

First and foremost, we understand the digital transformation of our customers as a breaking down of old behavioral patterns and structures. We support you in the analysis, conception, and implementation of your future marketing and sales organization along the entire value chain.

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    Marketing & Sales Organization

    Understanding the role of marketing & sales

    The understanding of the roles of marketing and sales organizations is currently undergoing fundamental change. This is due to changes in customer expectations and the convergence of technical and commercial tasks. Sales and marketing are moving even closer together in their shared responsibility for the customer experience. In digital channels, marketing and sales tasks are almost indistinguishable. Together with you, we develop the “role purpose” of your marketing & sales in terms of a marketing mission. This is not only the basis for downstream optimization, but also an extremely important orientation framework for your employees.

    Reorganization in Marketing & Sales

    The internal and external requirements for modern, digital marketing and sales organizations change almost daily. Organizational isolated solutions may create speed here. But they bring their own challenges. For comprehensive marketing success, new and existing tasks must be meaningfully integrated and aligned.

    We help you break down traditional silo structures and rebuild your marketing and sales department. In such a way that it can meet the challenges of the future. Together with you, we critically question the tasks of today and create free space for the important tasks of tomorrow.

    Operational Excellence & Governance

    The successful operation of an organization requires coordinated procedures and clearly defined processes and workflows. At the same time, automation potential must be exploited and a clear, pragmatic governance model should provide the necessary transparency. Particularly at the interfaces to other units, there is great potential for efficiency and effectiveness.

    On the way to operational excellence, we use the FACE principle of digitization. This means that we support you in the transformation with regard to the characteristics:

    • FAST = fast, with short response times
    • AGILE = agile and strong in implementation
    • CREATIVE = creative, with the courage to be unique
    • EFFICIENT = efficient, with freedom of movement on the resource side

    Collaboration & agile methods

    In addition to clearly defined processes and responsibilities, something is playing an increasingly important role in efficient collaboration in marketing and sales: the use of agile methods and collaboration models. This is not about enforcing agility at any price. It is about learning from agile methods and taking advantage of the benefits.

    We support you in finding new ways of collaboration and the optimal mix of agility and fixed structures for you.

    Partner & agency management

    Today, state-of-the-art performance and services for marketing and sales are really only conceivable in cooperation with external partners. But how can the various partners and service providers be managed? On a national and international level? Is it better for your company to limit itself to as few agencies as possible? Or should you rather rely on many specialists? Is it not even possible to combine both approaches – in a “Bespoke Agency” model?

    We help you to answer these questions neutrally. We go the whole way with you, right up to the implementation of your new partner network.

    Marketing Leadership & Skills

    Digital transformation is changing many things significantly. This includes the demands on your leadership team and your employees. Leadership is increasingly taking on the role of coach and enabler. Leadership skills are changing and “T-shaped skillsets” are becoming increasingly important. On the employee side, on the other hand, there is a clear shift towards technical, agile and data-related skills.

    We support you in systematically identifying and driving the development of the skillset in your marketing and sales organization. Together with you, we clarify which competencies will become increasingly important in the future and find out where there is corresponding potential for skill development.

    Marketing tools & marketing systems

    The correct use of digital systems is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, marketing technology offerings have become more unmanageable and complex. More and more CMOs are therefore asking themselves which toolset they need to develop their own company.

    We help you identify your specific technology needs and derive the appropriate solution. In doing so, we focus entirely on the development of application-related and feasible use cases. Because the real business benefit should always be in the foreground and not the theoretical-technical feasibility.

    Change Management

    We have developed our own approach for the successful implementation of our organizational projects. It has already proven its worth in numerous projects. The change management approach is based on four building blocks:

    •  Evaluate: joint assessment of the initial situation and the need for change
    •  Activate: Motivating and activating those affected for change
    •  Empower: Empowering those involved in change
    •  Integrate: Anchoring the change and agile fine-tuning

    In this way, we help you to achieve the best possible acceptance for the change measures and thus ensure the success of the implementation.

    Dr. Nicolas Nasner
    Dr. Nicolas Nasner
    Managing Partner
    Dr. Christian von Thaden
    Dr. Christian von Thaden
    Managing Partner & CEO
    Jacqueline Sattler
    Jacqueline Sattler
    Senior Managerin
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