Sales Excellence & Management

Sales Excellence is the most direct lever for increasing company profits. Outstanding sales performance is the decisive competitive advantage in highly competitive markets.

Although sales work is so critical to success, there is often a lack of uniform structures, tools, and modern processes. Therefore, sales success is usually distributed very unevenly. It is, thus, necessary to transfer successful working methods to the entire sales organization. To tackle the decisive changes for the sales organization of the future, the following questions must be asked:

  • How can new customers be acquired, and existing customers retained in the long term in the digital world?
  • How can digital sales channels be managed in a meaningful way?
  • How can sales be managed in a potential and profit-oriented manner?
  • How should the company’s own products and services be priced, today and in the future?


We support you in answering these questions and help you with the complete transformation to sales excellence: From sales strategy, suitable sales methods, tools and organization, to successful implementation.

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    Sales Excellence & Management

    Sales strategy

    Sales strategy is the decisive basis for increased sales and profitability. First, the sales target groups are defined, prioritized and their needs and expectations determined. Next, a comprehensive customer processing concept is derived addressing the following aspects:

    • Selection of the markets and sales channels with the highest potential for approaching new customers
    • Support, retention and business expansion (cross & up selling) with existing customers through to key account management
    • Pricing strategy for products and services
    • Adapted concept for continuous sales management
    • Necessary adjustments of the sales organization regarding structure, processes, tools and skillset


    Together with you and your team, we develop the best possible sales strategy. We support you with our sales experience. From target group definition to implementation in day-to-day business.

    CRM strategies

    A CRM strategy is the basis for companies to map their vision of a perfect customer relationship. It is about managing all relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers and removing possible barriers. It is important that the CRM is always updated with all customer-relevant information. Ideally, it is also integrated into a digital ecosystem. So that customer needs are kept in mind, and a good customer experience can be had at every touchpoint.
    We support you in developing an overarching CRM strategy to sustainably strengthen your sales and customer care. So that you save time and resources while improving your profitability.

    Pricing strategies

    The importance of a suitable pricing strategy has increased again in the digitalized world. Price is not the only lever for optimizing corporate profitability. The possible applications of different pricing models have multiplied. From dynamic pricing to freemium models to subscription concepts. In the meantime, many things are technically possible. In the pricing strategy, we help you to select the right model(s) for your company. As an experienced partner, we support you in the development, the design “ready to implement”, as well as the implementation of the pricing procedure.

    Price and condition systems

    In B2B business, in addition to list prices, customer conditions are crucial for profitability. In other words, the sum of discounts, rebates, bonuses, and other monetary benefits. Often, these conditions have grown throughout the customer relationship; more and more special conditions have been added, and over time, a clear system has become a jungle. Conditions have spread between customers. The overall consequences of this are:

    • High earnings risk
    • Continuously declining customer contribution margins
    • High handling costs
    • Poor predictability of annual earnings


    We help you to set up a modern pricing and conditions system and to introduce it successfully in your market according to the proven Pay for Performance principle. This allows you to generate sustainable benefits; in addition to targeted incentives to increase sales, above all a significant improvement in profitability.

    Sales control

    Sales control is at the heart of operationalizing the sales strategy. Only sales control makes the strategy “tangible” for individual employees. It does this by setting operational targets, measuring their degree of achievement, and agreeing with those responsible on measures to improve target achievement.
    Together with you, we build a strategy-oriented sales KPI system. We help you to use data and systems, as well as to create the appropriate organization and control processes so that your sales team can take the decisive steps on the way to sales excellence.

    Omni-Channel Management (OCM)

    Omni-channel management is the supreme discipline of sales strategies. OCM is when all available sales channels are used optimally. When all communication and the sales process are controlled across all channels. And when potential customers receive all the information they need, regardless of which channel they are currently using. To ensure this seamless experience in real-time, you need a powerful platform in the background. Often, this is a combination of CRM and marketing automation. This can synchronize and process all data management and play it out for the optimized sales process. OCM continuously analyzes and evaluates all individual customer journeys so that the same information is available in a targeted manner, regardless of the end device.

    We support you in analyzing the current channel landscape and usage. Together with you, we develop exactly the omnichannel management solutions that you can successfully implement in your company.

    Lead Management & Lead Nurturing

    Inbound marketing is based on the fundamental mechanism of conversion: “Prospect – Lead – Customer”. The lead nurturing process includes all measures to win potential customers of a defined target group as actual customers at the end of the process. In addition, six lifecycle phases describe the individual stages that the lead passes through during individual further qualification. Internal validation of these individual stages may seem very complex at first. But an intensive examination can maximize the success of inbound marketing.

    Marketing automation enables two things: Firstly, target group-specific communication, and secondly, an orientation to the customer journey of the respective lead. Generated leads are assigned to appropriate workflows through organized clustering in the successive lifecycle phases. They can then be addressed on a customer-specific basis, tailored to personal interests and pain points. The benefits of lead nurturing are obvious: once you have optimized the process, converting prospects to customers will be much easier.

    We are at your side to design and implement an all-encompassing lead nurturing & management. So that your company can sustainably bind (new) customers.

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    Dr. Christian von Thaden
    Dr. Christian von Thaden
    Managing Partner & CEO
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