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From brand to Performance Management

Proving the cause-and-effect relationship is more difficult at marketing than in most of the other corporate divisions. Therefore, do you now and again ask yourself the question whether your marketing-team is doing the right things in order to bring forth the business effectively? Is it cumbersome for you to get a transparent overview about the relevant KPIs in order to make a valid judgment about the performance of the marketing activities? Are you often in a dilemma and have to legitimate or approve marketing budgets, however, without knowing where and how to apply them in an optimal way?

Hence, what to do? Marketing has to come off the effect-pitfall. A paradigm change is required. From brand to Performance Management. Performance Management is the highest degree of the professionalization in the market cultivation, enabling that the strategy is anchored in a sustainable way over all instruments of the market performance. Especially, it supports managers in identifying opportunities, threats, and performance gaps in the market cultivation and thus, offers support for decisions and actions for essential issues.

Therefore, read on just a few pages how you can create with the aid of an established systematic approach the foundations for raising marketing out of the effect-pitfall and establish a KPI-oriented Performance Management within the organization. Strategic, accurate, sustainable, and pragmatic in its execution.

Feel free to contact us! We are happy to present our approach to you and work with you on your concrete demands for action in just a few hours.

Dr. Christian von Thaden
Dr. Christian von Thaden
Managing Partner & CEO
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