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Brand Alliances & Cooperations

Brand alliances and cooperations are attractive ways of tapping into new markets or target groups. By bundling the power of several independent brands in a joint market presence, synergies are sought on the market side on the basis of sensible, complementary competencies. This takes place, for example, in the form of a new or novel range of services to mutually strengthen or expand the target group approach.

In addition to joint products (co-branding), licensing transactions and joint advertising or sales promotion measures (co-advertising or co-promotions) are also popular forms of brand alliances.


Brand alliances bring numerous advantages:

  • Entering of new markets
  • Development of new target groups
  • Acquisition of additional know-how by the partner
  • Joint development of products and services
  • Investment sharing
  • Profit from the brand strength of the partner
  • Participation in the partner’s sales infrastructure


However, the various advantages of cooperations are also countered by risks, which frequently lead to the failure of a cooperation. Common reasons for the failure of brand alliances are a lack of agreement on the objectives, a lack of complementary competencies, or incompatible corporate cultures. Against this background, the choice of the right partner and the detailed design and configuration of the cooperation are critical to success.


Batten & Company will be happy to advise you on whether a brand alliance makes sense for you, which forms of cooperation are suitable, as well as which potential partners are suitable. Over the past years, we have been able to gather important experience in this field and have developed a catalog of success criteria in the form of a “checklist”.

If you are interested, please contact us so that we can identify promising brand alliances for you.

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