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Brand positioning with Batten & Company – benefit from our proven approach!

The starting point for all strategic activities of a company is the positioning of its own brand in the competitive environment:

  • What do we stand for?
  • What is our “reason for being”?
  • What are our special competencies?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • What benefits do we deliver to the customer?

Only a regular questioning of one’s own positioning ensures that one’s own offer will be equivalent or superior to that of the competition in the future.


By systematically addressing these questions, you create the basis for…

  • Relevance and preference formation with the customer
  • Advantage over the competition
  • Protection against potential “attackers” and substitutes
  • Basis for orchestrating processes
  • Orientation for all internal and external stakeholders


Batten & Company has a proven approach to developing and sharpening strategic brand positioning – consistently combining inside-out and outside-in perspectives. Based on market and competitive data coupled with customer insights, we work with our clients to find so-called “sweet spots” that define the basis for future action.

Please contact us for a presentation of our approach to brand positioning and value proposition.

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