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Bring brand and market together – Batten & Company enables you to successfully establish your brand positioning at all touchpoints

The definition of a brand positioning is the basis of brand communication, but its full establishment within the company poses increasing challenges.
Due to today’s digitalization, customer centricity, and individualization, customer touchpoints are multiplying, resulting simultaneously in a multitude of interfaces within the company. The individual content, tasks and requirements of the interfaces make it difficult for the brand manager to consistently establish the brand positioning and thus make a significant contribution to the business. For B2B companies in particular, it is even more challenging to reach customers with their brand communication across the various touchpoints of the customer journey.

For this reason, we have developed an approach to enable brand managers to consistently establish the topic of brand throughout the entire company and thus contribute to the company’s success across all stages of the value chain.


Together with our customers, we identify individual use cases, from specific customer needs to targeted product campaigns. Based on this, a workshop-based process is used, which enables a stronger establishment of brand at the interfaces of the value chain through the enablement of the involved stakeholders. Thus, we offer not only cross-functional training-on-the-job, but also an efficient and scalable approach. Throughout the entire sales funnel, three principal lead generation goals are continuously pursued:

  • Increasing reputation: Building awareness and interest
  • Building demand: Justifying and maintaining demand in the marketplace
  • Sales support: Delivering customer journey information and resources to the sales department

Through successful lead generation, our approach offers a positive impact on your company’s success.



The benefits of the brand-to-market approach are manifold, but they pay off on three overarching drivers:

  • Customer-centric

The Batten & Company brand-to-market approach takes into account the behavior and needs of your customers and uses these as guidelines for the brand’s campaign content, messages, channels and measures at a customer-relevant demand level. This results in individual use cases in which the brand message is established holistically.

  • Measurable

The Batten & Company Brand-to-Market approach focuses on individual use cases. In a simple way, it enables the mapping of the entire sales funnel and the leads per funnel stage. The goal of lead generation can thus be tracked throughout.

  • Holistic

The Batten & Company brand-to-market approach covers the value chain from A to Z. Implications of brand management are individually implemented based on the use case at all levels of the value chain, from product development to marketing and sales.

Thus, our brand-to-market approach helps companies establish their brand positioning while increasing lead generation and conversion, thus contributing to the company’s success.

Download our whitepaper on our brand-to-market approach here. We would be happy to present our approach and selected content at a personal meeting. Contact us for a presentation of our Brand-to-Market approach.

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