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Digital Transformation – hype, tsunami oder reality


When it comes to the topic of digitization, only one thing is certain: No industry will be spared – digital progress cannot be stopped. New waves of digitization are hitting existing market structures with increasing force, and digital game changers are challenging the established industry leaders with new business models. Most companies are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up. At the same time, although the digital transformation is on everyone’s lips, it is far from having arrived in all companies.


According to a digitalization study by Batten & Company, half of the German companies see digitalization merely as a hygiene factor. 78 % see digital offerings as a mere supplement to their original offline business, thus ignoring the lasting change in their market conditions brought about by digital transformation.


The digital endgame between old and new players is not about digital communication, but about the consistent digitization of one’s value chain – about building digital competence and increasing one’s degree of digitization. The first step is the most difficult. Because it is important to distinguish between hype and reality. In other words, filtering out those technologies, innovations, and digitization potentials that are threatening or attractive for the company’s business model:

  • What will prevail?
  • What is relevant for us?
  • When will it become relevant for our customers?
  • Where are we playing?
  • Who are we playing against?
  • What investments make sense for us?


Batten & Company offers a comprehensive range of services and consulting around Digital Transformation:

  • Digital fitness check
  • Determination of the “degree of digitization” of companies
  • Determination of the “digitalization pressure” on companies
  • Evaluation of digitization potential
  • Development of digitization strategies
  • Digital commerce strategies
  • Digital implementation
  • Digital change
  • Digital Iideation workshops
  • Access to eight digital labs worldwide with leading experts


In 2015, Batten & Company was quality-certified by the independent testing institute cardea AG for its consulting focus on digital transformation and digital commerce with 9.5 out of a possible 10 points, based on customer surveys.

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