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Brand tracking with Batten & Company’s tools to identify optimization potentials

Brand is not an end in itself, but a prerequisite for achieving marketing and corporate goals. Consequently, it is advisable to regularly check the performance of the brand in order to be able to initiate action measures at an early stage. Brand tracking consists on the one hand of measuring important brand KPIs (such as awareness, image items, NPS values). On the other hand, it involves checking the correlation between brand and company performance.

Classic questions in the context of brand tracking are:

  • How high is the brand awareness (supported/unsupported)?
  • How is the brand image developing?
  • How does our performance on key brand items/brand values compare over time?
  • How well do we manage to convert image values into sales?
  • Are first-time buyers satisfied with our brand and its performance?
  • How well do we manage to bind customers to our brand?


Brand tracking brings several advantages:

  • Transparency across all relevant brand KPIs
  • Early warning system enables timely intervention to correct undesirable developments
  • More targeted investments, clear priorities according to identified need for action along the brand KPIs
  • Legitimization of one’s own actions vis-à-vis relevant stakeholders in the company (“what is the benefit of the marketing euro”)
  • Better results of the marketing work


Batten & Company has various qualitative and quantitative approaches and tools at its disposal to review the performance and alignment of a brand and to identify targeted optimization potential. We would be happy to present our tools and selected reference cases to you at a joint appointment.

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